This chapter provides a brief background of the advancement of wireless technology and how it is making a revolutionary impact on the world. It also states the aims and objectives of this project.  “Wireless Technology”, the words that have increasingly became a common term mentioned in the world over the years. The concept of transferring information between two or more points have been applied to a wide spectrum of technologies, many of which are daily appliances that we see and use in our everyday lives. These devices include mobile phones, GPS, WiFi, television and other wireless computer peripherals such as mouse and keyboards. Most smartphones in today’s market comes bundled with third or fourth generation wireless networks (3G or 4G), Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities.

These technologies have impacted or even revolutionized the way we live and interact with others. With the advancements of wireless technology and its availability, it provides an abundant amount of opportunities to develop new ways and business strategies of extending customer base and improve their sales.  In 2014, American departmental store Macy’s have deployed Bluetooth Low-Energy (from here on out, “BLE”) beacons in nearly 800 of its stores throughout America in partnership with Shopkick, a location-based coupon dispenser mobile application, to provide offline datadriven retail experience. With the use of beacon location tracking technology, Macy’s mobile application provides product recommendations and discounts whenever a shopper is within the beacon’s range. Customers were reminded to switch on their mobile applications to receive such notifications.i Besides focusing on improving sales through customer interaction, some companies have utilized wireless technologies to improve the efficiency of their business process. In 2014, Japan Airlines have announced that it will install beacons and equip their staff with smartwatches to experiment the impact of wireless technologies have on passenger experience at Tokyo, Haneda Airport.

The beacons are used for identifying the location of the airline’s boarding gate staff while their smartwatches enable the airline’s control desk to delegate tasks to specific people depending on their current location.ii  With all the benefits and potential that wireless technologies such as BLE possess, it also has its own share of flaws and drawbacks. There are a couple of security issues with BLE which may lead to data emitted by BLE devices being hacked. For this report, I will go through the adoption of Bluetooth Low-Energy technology (from here on out, “BLE”) in Singapore companies and find out their uses. I will also cover various security flaws of the existing BLE security and develop ways of tackling them with the use of existing location technologies


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