This graphic design could be categorized as poster. Because this graphic design piece had been put up everywhere during that time period as a media of propaganda.

 This poster was so well-known, reflects the effectiveness of design of the Uncle Sam poster. The figure, Uncle Sam, has the majority space of the poster and become the icon of the poster. He been placed at the center of the poster to appeal to anyone looking at the poster. The figure looks like leaning towards the audiences, and the facial expression is serious, with his eye concentrate right a few feet in front of the poster. If people walk by the poster there’s no doubt that they will notice Uncle Sam is staring directly in eyes, and saying deeply and passionately “I want you for U.S Army.

“. The emotionally compelled by uncle sam expressed completely by his closeness and gestures. The dress on uncle sam is in red, white and blue; which match with the colours on the united states’ flag.

These colours carry the same emotional for people in anywhere as for a citizen of the United States. The text of the headline that used on the poster is san-serif, big and bold. The body is black with red outline; except the word “you”, is extra-large and in colour red. The overall design of the typeface makes the title almost jump out of the surface and right into viewers eyes.

There’s also a small print that says “nearest recruiting station”, which tells people where to go to sign up to help their country. By including this small text, people have all the information that needed to get active and join the military. It is necessary condition to the success of the poster to include all information that people need yet still keep the whole design together. Uncle Sam poster is a common national personification of USA, came into practical use during the War of 1812. It was painted by U.S. illustrator James Montgomery Flagg, the image first appeared on the cover of the July 6, 1916, issue of Leslie’s Weekly magazine with the title “What Are You Doing for Preparedness?” Since the early 19th century, Uncle Sam has been a popular symbol of America.

( KELLY KNAUER, April 6, 2017) The idea of this poster was based on the original British Lord Kitchener poster of three years earlier. The poster is watercolour based and printed. During 1917 and 1918, there were more than four million copies printed.  The designer of this poster named James Montgomery Flagg. James Montgomery Flagg was born in New York in 1877. As a child he began to draw and sold his first drawing at the age of 12.

 Flagg studied at the Arts Students League in New York. When he was twenty, he spent a year working in London before moving on to France. Flagg was one of America’s leading illustrators. James Montgomery Flagg created the iconic illustration of Uncle Sam. Flagg is an illustrator and portrait artist, who known mainly because of his commercial art, contributed 46 works in support of the war effort during World War I.

He used his own face for the poster and indicate that he was just avoiding the trouble of arranging the models.The intention of create this uncle Sam poster was used to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II. Designer James Montgomery Flagg create this piece for American government to encourage recruitment for world war I. The poster designed to instill a sense of positive outlook and confidence for people.

The poster is made for every American citizen; it called upon every man, woman and child to have the sense of personal sacrifice. The poster intended to encourage rationing and conservation. The colourful graphic design of the poster create strong emotions, encourage people with fears or frustrations to have faith in freedoms.            Citation  “I Want You” Poster, KNAUER / timebooks, April 6, 2017, Montgomery Flagg and His Iconic Uncle Sam Poster, BY PAMELA WIGGINS, 04/04/17  


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