This is an era of digitisation and digitisation has deeply rooted in marketing and led to a new concept of selling & marketing called as ‘E-commerce’. The e-commerce is slowly routing out the traditional ways of selling. Each year there is an increase of 20% in the online sales. This simple fact speaks volumes about the E-commerce and its vitality. To simply square it: businesses will flourish with e-commerce and to totally benefit out of it, we need to know the latest happenings in this field and to understand these we need to have an idea about latest trends in web design which will see more often in 2018.

 Traffic will generate more from mobiles: With growing number of smartphones, e-commerce will rely more on these and the traffic generation will also be mostly from mobiles and portable gadgets. As per a 2017 report from Statista, nearly 39% of business will take place on mobile devices. The report even predicted that mobile traffic is set to increase by 8 times till 2020.

So, guys if you wish to get more business see to that your website is mobile-friendly. Personalization: Though e-commerce sales are booming there’s one significant setback and it is purchasers can neither touch nor see the goods they wish to buy physically and this is set to change partially in the coming year – users can’t touch and have a physical contact with the item. Though online sellers may not be in a position to provide tangible feel they are doing everything to lower that minus.

For instance, Original Stitch stitches shirts based on individuals’ measurements. And the same is the case with Lenskart which went one-step further by letting the users have a look at their face in 3D with Spectacles. Same is the case with Amazon’s Echo Look, such AR aspects will be seen more in 2018.Behavioural factors: The marketing departments of all businesses know very well the importance of knowing the customers’ preferences and behavior. These behavioral factors aren’t Google Analytics alone and they are even more complex data procedures and behavior study approaches. The online business houses will pay detailed attention to data processing and also record and process total actions of the customers.They will start collecting and analyzing the actual buying pattern of customer and the online marketing strategies such as ad display and email marketing will be more accurate.

This targeted online advertisements will definitely leverage the sales in 2018. Conversion rates are set to increase with these tendencies.Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: Chatbots simplify lives by enabling to order food, tickets, and whatever other stuff needed within no time. The companies can easily receive all the needed info from the buyers without the need of manager’s intervention. The 2-way communication is greatly simplified and this easiness will increase Chatbots usage.

The chatbots as we know depend on man-made intelligence or in the usage language the artificial intelligence. The use of trading platforms will also increase and this is cemented by the fact that Bitcoin usage is gaining momentum. Delivery: The ways, means and also the time of delivery will change drastically in 2018. More than 95% of customers wish their products to be delivered within less than a day. This facility of receiving an ordered product within not more than 24 hours is literally absent in most of the e-commerce sellers however, this will change and the focus will be to implement the delivery within a day. This is also One eCommerce network: Creation of only single network will immensely upsurge the appeal of the e-commerce industry.

Imagine buying an item on one of the e-stores and taking it away in an outlet across the street. Looks easy…right? And this is possible with single eCommerce system and the same system will even give a chance to create a flexible network where e-stores can collaborate and grow their businesses. This sort of single network will definitely be the trend of 2018 and also lead to a healthy competition. Video Content:Everyone wishes everything to be in visual form and this applies to content too and this sole reason is good enough to say that e-commerce will move towards more of video content and make it a key player to interact with customers. The growing importance of video content can easily be understood with a fact- Facebook gives higher weight to posts having a video in comparison to a post without a video. According to statistics, video content increases sales by 65 to 84%.

By the end of 2020, all the online stores will make use of video content to sell their products. All the businesses trying to boost up sales through e-commerce can ignore these only at their own peril. 


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