This Integrated Communication Plan for SDGs implementation inBalochistan provides the detailed outline of the work required to increase theawareness and understanding amongst the key stakeholders including the linedepartments of the Government of Balochistan, parliamentarians & politicalparties, civil society, private sector and public in general.

UNDP works jointly with the Government of Balochistan to integratethe Sustainable Development Goals into its Plans and Actions that include thesectoral plans and annual PSDPs through its various projects and on-goinginitiatives. In Pakistan, Balochistan remained the lowest achieving province interms of the goals set under the MDGs and thus this communication plan isinstigated to create the awareness and understanding at a broader level for dueintegration of SDGs into government’s plans.This Integrated Communication Plan comprises of sections thatwould cover the background, objectives and goals for the communications plan,the target audiences, key messages, the use of media and other tools, budgetrequired with time frames and finally the proposed methodology for theevaluation of the communication plan objectives at the end of theimplementation.Section 1: Background & ObjectivesUNDP with the Government of Balochistan has launched a programmeto integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into the government’s plans andincrease the accountability within the government for implementation as per theinternational commitments. This includes the setup of the SDG implementationunit within the department of Planning & Development, Government ofBalochistan, hosted by the UNDP sub-office in Quetta. This unit will not onlyfacilitate in the actualizing the integration of SDGs, but would build thecapacity of the line departments in understanding, implementation, reporting,monitoring and evaluation of the SDG implementation in Balochistan during fiveyears. The aim of the UNDP project on mainstreaming SDGs into provincialdevelopment plans and strategies is to strengthen coordination, monitoring& reporting, support research and capacity building and knowledge sharing. In order to achieve the objective of Knowledge sharing thiscommunication plan aims at the following by end of the project period:i)                  Increaseawareness amongst the key stakeholders towards understanding and implementationof SDGs in Balochistanii)                Shareinformation on the progress achieved against the set results of the projectiii)              Generateawareness on the SDGs amongst public and ensure increased accountabilityiv)              Buildthe capacity of the P&DD in improving the communication with right holdersregarding the provincial development plansSummarily, through the plan the aim would be to shift from just”telling or informing” to “inspiring into action” and from “dissemination” toadvocating and motivating towards “drive for results”.

 Section 2: Target AudiencesThe Plan  is derived on thebasis detailed assessment of the current situation and existing communicationstrategies employed including the behavioral assessment of the key targetaudiences through “Knowledge Attitudes & Practices (KAP) Survey conducted1.To reach to the following audiences targeted under this communication plan thefollowing considerations were taken:1.     Whoare main stakeholders i.e.

who will best help to achieve the planned results2.     Howto reach these groups3.     Whatis the current behavior and awareness level 4.

     Whatare the best modes of communications with these groups5.     Whatwould be the challenges in reaching these groupsGiven the above the following target audience is being targetedfor the communication purposes:1.     TheSecretaries of the Line departments2.     Parliamentarians3.     Politicalparties4.     Civilsociety organizations5.

     PrivateSector6.     Media7.     GeneralPublic2These have been categorized into primary and secondary groups ofaudiences which would require different modes of communication and messages.Section 3: Key MessagesThe set of messages have been derived from the project document,taking into account the expectations of the P&DD and other target audiencesthrough the KAP survey conducted. These messages vary across the differenttarget audiences.

Please refer below to the table that gives detail of thetarget audience, key messages and the challenges in getting the messagethrough: S. #. Target Audience Key Messages3 Challenge in communicating the message 1 Secretaries of Line Departments What are SDGs? How are these important for government? Why should SDGs be integrated into Plans? What is the progress achieved? Use of social media Establishing SDGs as priority 2 Parliamentarians What are SDGs? How are these important for government? What progress has been achieved? Why should SDGs be integrated into Plans? How do they relate to international commitments? Same as above 3 Political Parties What are SDGs? How are these important for government? Why should SDGs be integrated into Plans? How do they relate to international commitments Educational level Use of social media   4 Civil society What are SDGs? How are these important for public? What is the correlation between poverty reduction, development and SDGs Establishing SDGs as priority 5 Private Sector What are SDGs? What is the correlation between poverty reduction, development and SDGs? Role of private sector in SDG implementation? Awareness level Same as above 6 General Public What are SDGs? What is government doing? How it will improve lives of people? Educational level Establishing link between daily life and SDGs  The KAP survey provides details on the appropriateness of the keymessages, mode of communication and associated challenges. Section 6: Modes of communicationThe following table derived from the pre-assessment and KAP surveyentails the modes of communication with the different target audiences: S. #.

Target Audience Modes of communication 1 Secretaries of Line Departments Project briefs (quarterly) Progress updates (monthly) Analytical two pager briefs on Budgetary allocations and impacts (quarterly) Review meetings (quarterly) Annual review meeting Whatsapp group updates 2 Parliamentarians Brochures WhatsApp group updates Progress update (monthly) 3 Political Parties Brochures WhatsApp group updates Progress update (monthly) Face to face meetings 4 Civil society Brochures WhatsApp group updates Progress update (monthly) workshops 5 Private Sector Brochures WhatsApp group updates Progress update (monthly) workshops 6 General Public Print media releases Electronic media advertisement Use of social media (updates) Community meeting (if relevant) Use of local Imams, influentials  Section 5: BudgetThe budget for the implementation of the communication plan isintegral for achievement of the set results of the plan. The budget withactivity level details and HR requirements is attached as Annex 24.Section 6: EvaluationThe Pre-assessment and KAP survey lays down the foundation for theCommunication Plan and to assess its effectiveness, the regular monitoring ofthe implementation of the plan and mid-term and end term evaluation isparamount. Monitoring could be done through the project communication staffitself however for evaluation third party is recommended to be more feasible.Section 7:Branding guidelines are herewith attached as Annex 35for any promotional activity or external/internal communications.    1 KAP survey Attached as Annex 1 (note: for the sake of this testit is assumed that such pre-assessment or survey would have been conducted)2 A detailed analysis would be needed here so as to identify exactgroup e.

g. local influential etc but for the sake of this test I have onlymentioned general public3 These messages are framed into question because answers wouldform the content of the message e..g. Implementation against SDG is aninternational commitment and a must for reporting as a nation can be one of themessages for Secretaries another example would be poverty reduction withoutsustainable development will remain a dream can be one message for the generalpublic or political parties. For the sake of time allotted for this test themessages have been drafted in terms of questions.

4 Due to time constraint, the budget is only referenced5 Due to time constraint the branding guidelines are onlyreferenced


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