This sort of experience with life in a game could give a better perspective and choices on one’s reality. Other simulation games and devices, like Oculus Rift, and management type games give a similar effect.  These sort of games may also feature a kind of activity and/or career that help build interest and ideas for the player to take up someday. Examples of such are cooking games; these games may not be realistic in nature, but it succeeds in giving out a general idea. Another benefit of this is that the act of gaming can be a  form of bonding with friends and family. Certain games have multiplayer options that require players to interact with one another, leveling up one’s social skills.

 Knowing these benefits could work to the advantage of many and change the perspective of many towards video games. However, do keep in mind that despite these benefits, video games can still act negatively towards its players and potentially cause harm. Always remember: limit gameplay to at least 1 hour, balance gaming time with other important activities (i.

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e. time for school, family, etc.), maintain a good diet and mindset, as well as proper exercise after sitting for long hours. Also, take note of the rating and warnings of each game; ask for an adult’s supervision and advice. One should consider the safety precautions of using the internet when playing online. These games may not benefit well from the player if one does not do it right! With all this in mind, one would think differently and look at the positive side the next time video games come into view and maybe consider playing one every once in a while.


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