SRS will give the motivation to the wander. From this SRS, the motel control
framework can be planned, assembled, and lastly inspected.

SRS may be utilized by the framework change a mass that is building the HMS and
the inn stop clients. The errand gathering will utilize the SRS to totally
comprehend the desires of this HMS to collect the exact programming. The motel
quit clients may be equipped for utilize this SRS as a “test” to peer
if the developing group may fabricate the framework to their anticipations. On
the off chance that it isn’t generally to their hopes the end clients can
determine how it isn’t to their enjoying and the gathering will trade the SRS
to coordinate the quit clients’ desires.

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Document Conventions

The document is prepared by using
Microsoft Word 2013 and has utilized the font style ‘Times New Roman’. The
fixed text size that has been used to type this document is 12pt with 1.5 line


Use case scenario is composed by
Alistair Cockburn’s templates. UML diagram have been made by UML 2.0
principles. Use case chart plan in

Intended Audience and
Reading Suggestions

document can be used as a part of any case with respect to the requirement of
the solution and the arrangements that have been taken. The document would
finally give a reasonable thought regarding the system that is building.

Product Scope

The room Management System is for be able to all
room types room services The Record Controller System will keep track in all catalogs
of the hostel and guest details will controlled by guest management.
Administration department will observe the all .There is two End Users for HMS.
The End Users are Owner, Manager.

The objectives of the computerized Hostel
Management System is to simplify the Semester to Semester processes of the
hostel. The system will be able to hold many services to look out of all
customers/students in a quick manner. As a solution to the excess of file
handling happening at the hostel.

References 19 January 2018

Overall Description

Product Perspective

The hostel management system is a fresh
independent software product with a purpose to be produced by myself so as to overcome
the issues that have happened due to the present-day guide device. The freshly
introduced machine will deliver a smooth get entry to the system and it’s going
to contain customer pleasant abilities with appealing interfaces. The device
will give higher replacements for the disturbance of handling huge scale of
physical report files.

Product Functions

Search Rooms

Fill form

Add Payment

Issue room date

Expire date of

Coming in

Out going

Manage Guest

Manage Room

Manage Staff

Manage Inventory

Set Rates

Retrieve Reports

Manage Users (Add, Update, Delete)

Function 1

Add Guest


Member code, Phone number,
Company, Name, E-mail, Gender, Address


Database Record, Database
successfully updated message


Validate the given details
and record the information in to the database.


Operating Environment

and software requirements



System Maintenances of all known operating systems, such as Windows,
Computer 512MB+ RAM, LCD with least
resolution of 1024×768, Keyboard, and        Mouse
Hard Drive should be
A  printer will need
to be used to print these reports and notes



is designed to run on any stage above Microsoft Windows 7.
SQL Server Management Studio Express 2010.


Design and Implementation

Software development Team delivers their finest in developing the
system. In order to maintain the dependability and period of the system, some
design and execution constraints are useful. Accessibility of an android app
for hostel management system could make the system portable but due to time it
is not likely. System will want a min memory of 512MB. But it is should take a
memory of 1GB.

User Documentation

Project Documentation sector
tells all the facts about documents shaped by the person or team so far of this
project. It contains project agreement and project proposal.


Project charter: – This document delivers the basic info
about myself the team members their tasks in developing functions.


Project Proposal: – The
proposal of the project contains the software that use and the model for it and
there difficulties.

2.6     Assumptions and Dependencies

Some software program used in executing the system is with high rate
and the sponsor has agreed to do well to pay for the amount of money had to buy
them. It’s assumed that sponsor received’t substitute that select on the next
levels of the software development. Despite the fact that we total on that
customer is the usage of home windows 7 or windows 8.1. Otherwise if consumer
use an open supply running system, there should be change SRS.

External Interface

User Interfaces

Login interface is used to
login to the system using username and password for three different users.

Adding new visitor to the system.

View bookings.

Make a new order.

Hardware Interfaces

Section 2.4 contains the supplies
of the desktop computer where the system going to be installed. There is a need of broadband internet connection. Customer should able to
keep a stable internet connection.

A laser printer will be required
when printing bills and several reports


Software Interfaces

The computer this software going to be install need to have Windows
Operating System equal or above, Windows 7. On that Windows stage .Net 4.0 will
be installed and that will be the display place the specific software will be

System Features

Hostel management system deals a full featured accommodation system to professionally
manage the entire built-up facility in the University of College. Reducing the
staff & paper works, this accommodation software will keep the updated
records of students, their feast, lodging, exchange room and different facilities. The
product allots rooms to the enrolled understudies in view of their inclinations
and records their subtle elements of utilizing sustenance, lodging and different
facilities alongside expense and other propel installment points of interest.
The framework additionally assembles a criticism on the room, nourishment and
different conveniences all the time and sends charge suggestions to every
single enlisted understudy.

System Feature 1

4.1.1     Description and Priority

The hostel management wants to make
the hostel management system (HMS) to organize the rooms, mess, student’s
record and the other info about the students. This product the hostel
management to recover their services for all the students of the hostel. This
also decrease the physical work of the persons in admin section and the bundle
of registers that were  search when to
find the  info of a previous student, because through this system you can
store the data of those students who had leaved the hostel three years ago.

Stake Holder



The student can store his or her information


The warden can see the data of students



flow  :


Registration flow:

To take the association
of the hostel tell the sector’s name to the hostel management system. He should
fill his personal profile on the profile page. After that the warden issued ID
# to him. So that the student can get into by hisID # in case of any problematic
or other thing.

Mess Flow:

When a student will use
the mess using his ID card at mess. A student can take only 2 messes at a time.

At the end of the month
the hard copy of mess information issued to the student’s

Room, which shows the
detailed of his/her messes and all the dues of the mess.

The student should pay
the fees within 10 days after the problem of mess bill.

In case of not paying
dues the notice issued against the student.

Room process flow:

A room will be assigned
when a student is registered in the hostel. The

Distribution will be on
the basis of the department, semester and the session of

The student. A room is
only for the two students.

The dues of the hostel is
only for 1 semester and after the end of the semester the student should pay
the next semester’s dues. The student will pay the fees within 10 days after
next semester.

In case of not paying the
fees of the hostel at the declared date a warning is send to the student.

In case of the absence of
a room the students will be entered in a waiting list when the room will be
free the student will be expressed by the management of the hostel.


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