The phrase “What goes around comes around” has a very significant meaning in the human race. Indeed, this is a proverb (commonly known as karma), which cautions people in everything they do or say.

That is, in everything that people say or do, each individual or group must be prepared for any eventuality either positive or negative. For centuries now, the wise live by the words of this proverb, and certainly comprehend the influence that our actions have on our future. The explicit meaning of this proverb is that, sometimes it is not easy to control our thinking. However, the way we act matters most, as we must exercise substantive control over our actions. The proverb also cautions us on how we treat others well, since we also demand that they treat us well. In most cases, negative actions bring misfortunes, while positive actions always come with a reward. Thus, in order to understand fully the meaning of this proverb, one must experience the consequence of the action performed earlier.

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In this paper, I will tell my personal experience, which made me understand the meaning of this karma (Hart, 1).

Valuable Lessons Learned in Life

I have this strong belief that everybody makes mistakes in life. As for my case, when I flashback my past life, I see myself as someone who has made immeasurable mistakes. At one point in life, I never listened to my seniors. In addition, I lacked patience in whatever I did. My lack of patience and unruly behavior towards my seniors did me more harm than good.

I never followed any guidance or instruction form anybody, since I believed that my path was always the best. My grandmother used to tell me “What goes around comes around, and education is a paramount tool for success”. I clearly remember this as if she told me just yesterday. To start with, I first learned a valuable lesson of my life when I cheated in my exams-something that brought many hitches into my life. As soon as I entered high school, I realized that everything was completely different and new. I recruited new friends without caring their moral personalities.

Later on, these friends introduced me into every fun of this world. I never used to stay at home, as I found going out more enjoying (Melos 1). On realizing my changed behavior, my grandmother cautioned me against peer influence and instead allured me to focus more in school. However, as someone who believed in my own way of doing things, I told her not to worry since I knew what I was doing. As days went by, I became an official member of late comers.

Interestingly, the day I arrived in school on time. I found myself sleeping in class. I never did my homework and it became so hard for me to catch up with the rest in class. Finally, we reached the exam period. I realized how unprepared I was. It was at this particular moment that I decided to take a dubious short cut and cheat in my exams. Too bad, the invigilator caught me red handed and handed me to the school principal. This was the time when I remembered the words of my grandmother “only fools rush in”- a sturdy experience not to be forgotten any soon (Hart, 1).

This was just one example. More still lined up on the way. As days went by, I captured the attention of friends from the opposite sex, and soon, we started dating. It came out that I had the highest number of girlfriends than any of my male friends. I was like a celebrity in the faces of fellow colleague male students. However, the biggest injustice on my side is that I never cared about their feelings. I went on hurting them and sometimes abusing some. I never knew that one day the same experience would befall me.

In an act that portrays what goes around come s around, I certainly fell in love with one particular girl. Unknowingly, she never had any feelings for me. Eventually, she treated me the same as what I did to my ex-girlfriends.

Indeed, it was a love story gone horribly wrong and I learned a lot about the karma “What goes around comes around”. My grandmother remained vocal in disseminating me the value of education. Of course, after the two lessons, I undertook to work hard in school. I did my final high school exams pretty well and graduated with honors. At the outset, I did not know the importance of education and if at all I went to school, it was just a formality. I also leaned how materialistic influence can shatter the dreams of many people if not properly handled. For instance, many of my high school friends never proceeded to college, as they choose to work and spend all their monies in every sort of fun. Nevertheless, I followed the advice of my seniors and proceeded to college to further my studies.

Later on I realized the importance of education as most educated people have good jobs accompanied by god wages (Melos 1).


Indeed, it is very true that what goes around comes around. As illustrated in my life lesson examples, I learned many things that concur with this karma. I have now realized the importance of education, and I most sincerely thank my grandmother and the elders who kept on encouraging and advising me.

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