This precept isan important motivating factor for me as I have found this a great guidingforce and ladder for success in various spheres of activities. The unflinchingfaith in my abilities, a passion to work hard has made me unwavering in myapproach and provided me the boost to my morale. I wish to introduce myself as an ambitious and young engineer withan intense desire to improve my knowledge.

My interest in computers blossomedduring my high school years when the technology had begun to make an impact onthe lives of people in India. Withgood scores in the science subjects, I could choose the engineering stream totake up for Bachelors. I chose Engineering with Computer Science asspecialization, because of its wide, interdisciplinary span and the everincreasing use in Technology.The curriculum of Jawaharlal TechnologicalUniversity Hyderabad, introduced me to the basics of several subjects, such asAlgorithms, Theory of computation, Language processors, Operating systems,Digital Signal Processing, Computer Networks, Digital Communication, ImageProcessing and application of theories in practice through lab work and teamprojects. Hence, I wish to pursue my Master’s in Computer Science. My aim is to carve out a career in research inorder to experience the excitement and satisfaction of being at the forefrontof this expanding field.

I recon this could give me the best opportunity tocomprehend and unravel the intricacies in the subject of my study.  Technology hasgrown multiple folds over the period of time. Engineering aims at deliveringscience and use of technology, the world has seen a number of innovations andwill continue to see many more in the future. It is against this milieu that Ihave realized the need to pursue further education in CS, in order to realizemy career objectives.

After cautious contemplation, it has become obvious to methat establishing a thriving career in CS in the present technological andbusiness world demands advanced training in CS and similar subjects. I chose toenroll my master’s program at your university because I am a strong enthusiastof your research centers and facilities, which I consider critical in attaininggreater academic excellence.  


I'm Erica!

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