This is the system designdocument for the android mobile application TUT-CSIRT. The purpose of this designdocument is to provide a description of the TUT-CSIRT mobile application,providing insight into the structure and design of each component. Topics covered include: Goals and Guidelines Development methods System architecture GlossaryThis design documentcaptures the design constraints and assumptions as well as the detailed designof the subsystems and components of the application. It also focuses on thefeatures and capabilities implemented.

In short, this documentis meant to equip the reader with a solid understanding of the inner workingsof the TUT-CSIRT mobile application.TUT-CSIRT is a mobileapplication developed to assist the staff and students of the institution toreport any incidents they may come across in the institution. Securityincidents may vary therefore I have categories the below what an incident couldbe: Denial of Service: this entails an attack or threat that deprives TUT staff or student’s access to some or all TUT services. This action can be used to either target a person or particular service which then has a knock on effect on services. Identity Data Exposure:  personal identification information, identity theft, destruction/exposure of the university data, disclosure of university-sensitive information etc. Criminal Activity/Investigation: online theft/fraud, threatening communication, child pornography etc. Copyright Act Violation: not abiding to the copyright act, illegal distribution of copyrighted of licensed material (movies, music, software, games) etc.

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Malicious Software (Malware) Activity: Malware includes Trojans, spyware, worms, adware, ransomware and viruses Spam Source: the practice of sending unwanted email messages in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients. Phishing: the attempt to get you to hand over personal, confidential information to a criminal. Unauthorized access: unauthorized access to data, unauthorized login attempts, brute force password cracking attempts, stole password(s) etc. The aim of this projectis to develop a mobile application on the android which can used in the realworld.


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