Thislegislation will affect me throughout my job as if my company held informationon me and because of this Act they cannot sell my data to other companies andalso I have the right to make sure the information held against me is correct.  ·      Fines of up to £500,000 for severe breaches of the DataProtection Act.·      Prison sentences for purposely breaking the Data ProtectionAct. Someof the penalties that come with breaking these laws are:           ·       Adata subject can ask for the utilization of their personal data to be studiedby the Information Commissioner who can impose a ruling utilizing the DataProtection Act. The Commissioner may examine a controller’s computers to availin the investigation.·       Thedata subject is allowed to use the law to get reimbursement for damage causedif personal data about them is incorrect, misplaced, or revealed.

·       Adata subject may obviate the utilization of information if it would be liableto cause them distress.·       Adata subject may prevent their data being utilized in effort to sell themthings.·       Adata subject has a right to be supplied by a data controller with the personaldata held about him or her for a diminutive fee.·       Adata subject may force a data controller to rectify any errors in the data heldabout them.

 Therights of data subjects:  ·      Data must not be kept longer than is necessary for theregistered purpose. ·      The files may not be moved out with of the European EconomicArea unless the country that the data is being directed to has an appropriatedata protection law. ·      The information must be kept safe and secure. ·      The informationheld must be satisfactory, relevant and not extreme when compared with the purposespecified in the register.·      It must be kept up to date and precise. There is anobligation to keep it up to date. ·      It must only be utilized and held for the reasons given tothe Information Commissioner.

·      It can only be utilized for those registered purposes andonly be disclosed to those people mentioned in the register ingression. Youcannot give it away or sell it unless you verbally expressed you would tocommence with.·      It must be accumulated and used fairly and inside the law  Someprinciples of the Data Protection Act for the person holding the data are:  The finallegislation I will be looking at is the Data Protection Act, which was createdin 1998. This act allows you to control the way information is handled and togive legal rights to people who have information stored about them.      Thislegislation will affect me throughout my job as if someone were to steal mycode I could report them for breaking The Copyright, Designs and Patents Actand they could then have to go to court and pay me the money in damages or facetime in jail or both.

However, it can also affect me as if I were to commit anyof these crimes I would also face the consequences and penalties that come withthis act.  ·      Some applications or programs will only run if a specialpiece of hardware named a dongle is plugged into the back of the PC.·      Some pieces of software need a unique licence key to beentered afore the installation will perpetuate.·      Some applications or programs will only run if the media is in thedrive.·      An agreement amongst the corporation that developed thesoftware and the utilizer must be decided before the software is installed. How to prevent copyrighting: The Court can issue a ruling to stop the infringing acts.

The law provides a range from £200 to £150,000 for each work infringed.·      The Court can impound the illicit works. The Offender can go to jail. Offender pays the genuine amount of profits and damages.

Offender pays for all attorney’s fees and court costs.Someof the penalties that come with breaking these laws are:  ·      lend copies ·      Issue·      Rent·      Copy·      AdaptSome things TheCopyright, Designs and Patents Act makes it an offence to do with someone else’s work are: Anotherlegislation I will be looking at is The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act whichwas created in 1988. Copyright gives theengenderers control of some types of media rights, this sanctions them tocontrol how they are distributed and utilized.

Media covered by the copyrightact include Books, video, software and music.                 Thislegislation will affect me throughout my job as someone may want to and couldgain access to my programs and edit them or add viruses throughout my code sothis legislation will hopefully deter people from committing these crimes.However, it can also affect me as if I were to commit any of these crimes Iwould face the consequences and the penalties that come with this act. ·      And up to 2-year prison sentence ·      Illegal access to a computer will result in £5000 fine·      Unauthorised modification to the contents of a computer, orproviding the implements in order to do so will result in illimitable fine  and up to 10-year prison sentence·      Unlawful access to a computer in order to commit anadditional offence will result in infinite fine and up to 10-year prison punishment Someof the penalties that come with breaking these laws are: ·      Illegal access to computer material ·      Unlawful alteration of computer material·      Not permitted access with intent to commit or facilitatecommission of additional offencesThefirst legislation I will be looking at is the Computer Misuse Act which wascreated in 1990.

This act makes it an offence to access any computer that youdo not have an authorised right to use. Some other offences include:  Asan Oracle Programmer at Fractal Entertainment I have been tasked to create areport on 3 legislations relating to my job role and the consequences ofbreaking these legislations.


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