Thesis: The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine fundamentally altered the nature of the doctrine and the intentions of its original authors because it was more of a brazen policy that was adding on to the ballet of the Monroe Doctrine.     The Monroe Doctrine was issued in 1823 states European Powers should stay away from Latin America. President James Monroe delivered it to Congress in December 1823, it warned European nations to not further colonization any-more Latin American colonies. The Roosevelt Corollary established in 1904 was advocated by Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt feared that the British and Germans would remain in Latin America was a violation towards the Monroe Doctrine so he created the Roosevelt Corollary (629).

It was an adding ballast to the Monroe Doctrine, specified that the United States would have a right to come between domestic affairs of Latin American nations in order to restore financial and military order. The Roosevelt corollary differs from the original Monroe doctrine since it pushed more colonization in a sense it was used to justify U.S. intervention through the western hemisphere. The Corollary reveals that the U.

S. was a growing military power and they had the right and willing attitude to take action. They were interfering and had multiple landing through the Caribbean into “Yankee lake” (629). This Doctrine targeted countries such as Venezuela, Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, and Cuba. It succeeds with not asserting that the U.S.

had control from the affairs of Latin American countries and Nato have threatened intervention from any European country. This doctrine failed since Roosevelt established the Good Neighbor policy better known as the “Bad Neighbor” policy as it promoted that the United States engage in exchanges with Latin American countries. Latin American countries reacted to this policy by revolutionary disorder from the Cuban president and police officers being temporarily withdrawn from the lands.



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