Therewas a time when the average awareness of man did not extend beyond theimmediate. But over the centuries and especially over the past decade theaverage intellectual and knowledge levels of people have -undergone anexponential increase. And keeping in with the laws of evolution and survival ithas become imperative for every individual to strive a lot harder even tomaintain a status quo.

I donot wish to exist and strive merely for survival, for though human beings beinga creature of this earth are subject to the same laws of nature and survival, Ibelieve that there should be a cause which extends beyond mere survival tojustify ones existence and the gift of a superior intellect. That I believe isthe true essence of civilization. MyBachelor’s degree in Engineering will definitely ensure my survival, but tojustify my existence I feel I should give back more to this world and leave ita better place.It isthis philosophy and put myself in a position to do so that I wish to pursue myMasters.

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I have recently graduated fromthe most prestigious college KLS Gogte Institute of Technology and hold aBachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of the most reputedcolleges of Karnataka. My epitome of strength has been my education. My soleaim has been to excel in my chosen field of study, and I have lived up to myexpectations and produced excellent results consistently. I have beeninterested in Mathematics and Physics right from my school days, and hence thenatural inclination towards Mechanical engineering as a field of study.

My taskat hand was to get an admission into a reputed college. I did achieve the sameby securing a good rank through the CET. The curriculum at theVisvesvaraya Technological University is one of the toughest and challenging.The exhaustive course structure and highly competitive grading system has mademe perform in a better manner. After a bit of groundwork, I decided MechanicalEngineering was the obvious choice. I have tried to gain an in depthunderstanding in real time applications of theories by involving myself in asmany industrial training programs and internship programs as much as possible.

During the initial two years ofmy undergraduate study I was introduced to the subjects like ______________________________,_______________________,_____________________________, and _____________________________. These subjects provided the foundation forthe Mechanical Engineering field. And the subjects in the later years ofundergraduate study like the _____________________, ____________________,_________________________,__________________________,___________________________ and_________________________________ made it stronger.Overtime, I could see my dreams coming to reality.

But that wasn’t where it ended.I made various industry visits and quite disturbingly I found that most of thetechnologies used in India are outdated. The research is limited and productionnot how I want to see India doing. At the cost of generalizing I would like tosay that people didn’t believe in dreams.

I have realized the problem liesin the approach in going down to the basics and taking a holistic approach tothe Science of Mechanics and Industrialization. It is for this reason I intendto make ___________________________, ________________________ and_____________________________ subjects my major for masters in IndustrialEngineering.I have aimed atexploring industrial engineering for specialization, advanced learning, andfuture career, through graduate studies. I have a strong desire to pursue my graduateprogram in your esteemed university, expecting to be greatly benefited from anextremely dedicated faculty, extensive research facilities and an environmentthat delivers a plethora of academic activities.

I hope that my academicaccomplishments, test scores, and my exposure to industry practices throughinternships, may be viewed favorably for admission to your graduate school, forpursuing a master’s program in industrial engineering. I do hope that I may be offered admission inyour graduate school. I assure that I will strive hard to match the highstandards set by your university, and complete the graduate programsuccessfully, earning good credits, by contributing my best possible to this field..

Justas technology that does cater to the aspiration of people is useless, I believethat to be effective as a professional, one needs to develop ones EQ as well asIQ. I believe that though in terms of knowledge I stand to gain more than I cancontribute, but it is my abilities as a person and my attitude towards life ingeneral which I believe will help enriching the already rich texture of yourUniversity.I alsocome from a land of immense diversity, where tolerance has been an accepted wayof life. But unfortunately in the modern world it is often misconstrued as aweakness. I believe it is in the best interest of humanity that people with abroad global outlook like mine, interact on an international stage.

American education system iswidely known to offer the best in education. Graduate school will expose me tovarious areas in communications. It is the place where I can learn to doresearch, write papers and reports. My choice of_________________________________ University is a very deliberated andmeticulous one, which has come about by extensive and exhaustive scrutiny ofscads of universities. This is the institution I find most befitting for itsapt program.

______________________ University over the past years has moldednumerous students into knowledgeable, creative and competitive individuals,which is what farsighted organizations seeking to explore technologicalchallenges perpetually look for. It has also been afront-runner in pursuing research of international excellence. Theresearch activities carried out by Dr______________________ in the field offuel cell material synthesis and fabrication, development of an integratedpower generation system and Dr______________________ his research in the fieldof _________________________ and ________________________. I would consider itmy privilege, and give my best, if I may be allowed to associate myself withthe research work, even in a minor capacity. I am sure I will prove myselfworthy of the confidence you place in me.


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