There is no doubt to say that the establishment ofnational law universities was a revolutionary step in the legal education.National Law School, of India University (NLSIU) AT Bangalore which was thefirst national university  was the firststep towards this revolution have excelled the art of imparting legaleducation.

The National law universities at Hyderabad, Bhopal, Raipur and Delhihave made legal education more accessible and a better career option amongstthe youth.However there are ceratin challenges which are to belooked upon to improve the education system in lawImprovedinfrastructure and study environment:The demand for improved infra and quality education in the field of law hasincreased in the past ten years. However many universities and colleges haveworked on these areas so to nake themselves more promising.The Government should provide more funds in order todevelop ,ore research projects which will enhance the skills of the students.The infrastructure of the NLU’s producing more number of graduates are  are much better and have improved with thepassage of time.Improvedfaculty members and teaching method: The facultiesinvolved in the teaching of law should change the teaching scenario fromteacher centric to student centric. The teaching mode should me more practicalby conducting more and more seminars and conferences.

The law schools shouldfocus on employing good researchers and quality academicians but it sometimesdifficult because of some financial reasons.As the advocates Act also provide that the law schoolsshould employee ful time faculties with adequate remuneration so that theycould also focus on quality teaching. However sometimes low remuneration alsodiscourage many new and budding lawyers from taking their career in academics. Makinginternships compulsory:  Internship comprises asan essential component of the legal education, but is not mandatory in many lawcolleges.

However this phenomena should be changed and the law colleges shouldmandate internships, as internship helps in gaining practical knowledge andexperience.OrganizingCareer development Programs: Every law college should organizecareer development programs to guide the students to decide there careeroption. It is sometimes difficult for the newly law graduates to decide as towhich area is suitale for them. So for this reason it becomes important forcolleges to organize career development programs and seminars for students.  


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