” Comparing how the 90s politically motivated rap music to 2010’s hip-hop music” “Make America Great Again” which bolstered the dying factions of racism and the campaign slogan turned into “Make America Hate Again”. “Donald Trump, the chairman of Trump Organization who ran a bold political campaign and became the current president if the United States of America ran a successful campaign to become the 45th president but like everyone else trump is biased in his political beliefs but the condition get worse when someone like the  president of United States is Misogynistic and gives sociopathic comments on the people of his own country. This brought back the politically motivated rap songs which were the icons of 90’s but the categorising 90’s hip-hop with 2010’s in same group would be an understatement for the diverse matters discussed in both time line.NWA became a movement in the 90s when their songs started to get  attention of the youths suffering from the racism and poverty in black neighborhood around USA.

Soon after the introduction of songs like  “Straight outta compton” and “Fuck the police” NWA became the voice of the unfocused urban youths. Topics such as police brutality, racism, suppression and other hefty lack of fairness were brought into highlight by the  movement. The authorities later claimed that the content NWA gave was antisocial and violent and tried to bend the motif behind their movement.90s hip-hop became a rallying cry in ghettos across the country.

90’s rapper weren’t aware of the creative power which they were enamoured with. The lyrical freedom the rapper has tapped is far more powerful than 1960’s politically motivated folk and rock’n roll.We can see that 90’s rapper could have created alot of changes with their words either it is by teaching the dark-ghettos with their lyrics or by empowering the families in city projects ,giving them hope to live through the dark time to the change.

Then after 1999 everyone in USA thought the racism has ended and there was a racial tolerance.But that wasn’t the case ,2008’s financial crisis affected everyone but not as much as it affected the african american communities. The financial crisis had shown the rise of poverty in black families and racism had slowly begun to resurface. According to the lecture delivered by at the Economic and Black Labor Forum, the Philadelphia Community Institute for Africana Studies in 22 October, 2009 the recession that happened in  2008 was worse than the great recession. The financial sector, the government every sector  was under serious debt. This included the working class which was mostly covered with african american workers.

A vast majority of african american people after the recession became poor resulting in the comeback of racism.In every recession,we can see more number of gang violence and more number of African American youths register for army. There is rich white america and poor black america and rap community falls in the middle where a “rapper” is nothing but a gold chain wearing poor black guy who is protesting with his lyrical poetry and edgy music.The gap between rich  and poor is the main reason for people to lose compassion and love.

The great recession had suddenly divided the rich and poor. Having more wealth separated the living standards of people which showed a contrasting difference between social power. Hence people wanted to show their superiority towards the poor by not treating them equally and often discriminating them. Rappers bring forward issues like racism and inequality because they still haven’t forgotten the root of racism, poverty. Being rich and famous changes the status of rappers in the society but not their core belief against the racial hatred upon African-american peoples. So, they constantly rebel against racism and inequality and same happened after the 2008’s financial crisis or in 2010’s. Nearly 1 in 3 black people killed by police in 2015 were identified as unarmed, though the actual number is likely higher due to underreporting .36% of unarmed people killed by police were black in 2015 despite black people being only 13% of the U.

S. population .Unarmed black people are killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015.The statistics has been same all around 2010’s, this have again ignited the protesting mind of this generation namely rappers and singer. Kendrick Lamar in “The Blacker the Berry” talked about beauty and strength of african american people “And man a say they put me in a chain, cah’ we black/ Imagine now, big gold chain full of rocks /How you no see the whip, left scars pon’ me back”, YG talked about his protest against racist and homophobic Donald Trump “I’m ’bout to turn Black Panther/ Don’t let Donald Trump win, that nigga cancer”and Eminem’s funny rap about his disregard to president Trump”That’s an awfully hot coffee pot/ Should I drop it on Donald Trump? Probably not”. Now we can see the rappers who are accepting their race and pride of their history and culture.

In the lyrics of  most of rappers of this era they address issues such as police brutality, racism and inequality. This efforts by rappers have garnered a lot of supporters in Black Lives Matter movement throughout america. No deceased souls would come back but this era of ours is at least more equal in term of race and identity.Hence,we can see the developing hip-hop scene of 90’s politically motivated rap contrasts the much more developed music of 2010’s.  As,music then said the things which weren’t said like the street culture and gangster life but the music now is more poetic with creative writing of Kendrick Lamar , music production of Kanye west which shows the pride of being black and bold statement of rappers like YG and Eminem.


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