There are many effects of bullying. Harassment is what happens to another teen or adult if being abused physically or mentally. Students are most vulnerable in which their education and status is at risk because of this torment.

Other people do hectoring to feel better about themselves. There are many effects of bullying such as emotional, educational, and social. Firstly, bullying results in emotional problems. Mental abuse could result in suicides and depression. From the article Taking Classes Online to Avoid School Bullying by Dayton Daily News it stated, “It started with emotional abuse, such as other girls calling her ugly and spreading rumors about her.”  To summarize, students are killing themselves and feeling depressed over what other kids think of them.

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From the same article and author an abused child whose hair was pulled on the bus suffered physically. This proves that students are also being put in physical pain and will change their personality to avoid disturbance. Harassment seems to be turning teens and kids miserable. Secondly, bullying is destroying their education. Education is important for kids and if other people are in their way, it can result in a distraction. By the same article and writer “Nearly a quarter of parents who enrolled their children in online K12 programs said bullying was one of the reasons they removed their children from traditional schools, according to a recent survey.

” Showing that kids going to online classes might not be the best choice. In the article One Online School Gets an “F” by Dayton Daily News around one-third U.S.

children get bullied each year, according to the White House. Explaining that even in a regular school kids could be distracted and more worried on their irritation situation. Education is very important to everyone and people shouldn’t be distracted from it. Thirdly, bullying is scaring people socially. In school some people view their life as a general status and try to move up thru persecution. From the article Move at Their Own Pace by the Los Angeles Times it quotes “Researchers say that the more popular teens are—except for those at the very top of the high school social ladder—the more likely they are to be bullied.

” The statement concludes that people being popular just makes them more vulnerable to insults. According to All About Status article by the same author, data proves that aggressor’s campaigns of harassment and abuse feel pride and increased prestige when annoying lower-class people. To show being harassed can lower your self-esteem as well as judging people more.

A group status is a good thought in school but should not encourage disturbance. In conclusion, there are many effects of bullying such as emotional, educational, and social. Bedevilment isn’t something that gets students better grades and makes them feel better.

Adults also go through these problems but aren’t suffering as many consequences as people younger than them. Cyberbullying is another form that has taken over most children and at a young age making it impossible for adults to interfere. Overall exasperating is very negative and provides no benefits to anyone and is making problems.


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