There are struggles in life that will always be around whether we like it or not. A huge problem in America is the amount of people living in poverty.

Poverty is an emotional issue that needs to be talked about and brought to people’s attention. 13.5 percent – 43.1 million people in America fall under the poverty threshold and are struggling to provide for their children and even themselves. There are about 9.5 million people without work and six million children living with at least one unemployed parent, says Zach McDade, 2014.

One of the biggest causes of poverty in America is the growing population that can not be supported. There is more that the government can do to help with this issue and lessen the amount in poverty.One of the many things the government can do to help with poverty while also growing the middle class is creating more jobs.

According to Rebecca Vallas and Melissa Boteach in their article “The Top 10 Solutions to Cut Poverty and Grow the Middle Class” we must create 5.6 million new jobs. Unfortunately at the pace we are going, that will not happen until July of 2018. Creating more jobs would give people more stability in their life and also there would be less of a percentage of people on the streets. When and if these new jobs come into effect, it will greatly boost our economy and will give people more of a steady income to further support their families.

The typical home for a family in poverty is a three bedroom home, one-and-a-half baths, and on a half-acre lot. Having lack of money, study shows that families in poverty are more malnourished than a family who isn’t. “Children in families with incomes below the poverty level actually consume more meat than do children in families with incomes at 350 percent of the poverty level or higher” Robert Rector in his article “How Poor Are America’s Poor”. Reading that sentence surprised me because meat can be fairly expensive, so knowing that they eat more meat caught my attention. One of the biggest key reasons as to why so many families are in poverty is the mass incarceration. There are 1.5 million people behind bars in federal prisons and has continued to increase since 1980.

Study shows that one of four African American children in our era has a family member incarcerated. Having a parent or guardian behind bars means that it is hard for the person incarcerated to make ends meet and provide for their family. People who have criminal records face lifelong barriers to get out of that state of poverty. It is nearly impossible for a person with a criminal record to get a job, have decent credit, housing, and even an education. Because of the fact that employers now use background checks, it makes getting a job ten-times harder. I’m not saying a person who has done a outrageous crime should have the benefit of going up on the scale, but a person who has a minor criminal record gets treated the same as one who has done a hard crime. What the government can try and help with is removing the barriers of housing, employment, and education to those who have a minor criminal record. It is very important to have a good education nowadays because it is hard to get any sort of job without a degree, let alone a high school diploma.

Many jobs today require at least a high school diploma which means many people cannot get a job because of the fact that they did not finish school. Many people take advantage of education and how beneficial it is. Schools even help those children who are in poverty families by providing programs to better themselves and help them with things that maybe their parents cannot help with.  Education is one of the biggest ways people overcome poverty. One can grow up in a low-income family but because they have an education and attended college they will have more of a chance of getting a job which will help them provide for themselves and their families better. Those who lack a diploma or a degree of somesort have a harder time finding a job, resulting in having a low income. One thing that the government can do is lower the cost of college. For many families college is way too expensive to send their child to.

Even though there are scholarships that students can receive, it’s not always easy for students to get them which makes attending college harder to achieve. Education is the foundation for a steady income. The higher you go with your education, there’s a less of a chance of being in poverty.In conclusion, poverty is one of the biggest social issues we have to this day. More and more people are falling under the poverty line everyday due to not having more jobs for people, having some sort of criminal record, and having a lack of education.

There is more that government and even we can do to help give people more opportunities to get out of poverty.


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