There is no border dispute between Oromia and Somali Regions. May bethat is an auxiliary factor. *There is no Oromo-Somali conflict.

Many agents want that. The twopeoples had nothing to fight over, instead both poor peoples in easternEthiopia had lost many things together. Both peoples living in desert andsemi-desert geographies of Ethiopia’s eastern part are pastoralists andsemi-pastoralists largely live on food aids.

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The so-called Somali Liyu Police(created by 4-kilo) have been attacking both peoples. *The conflict has been about power struggle within the EPRDF. On topof that, the war is intensified because it has gained wider objective, i.e.,weakening Oromo and Oromia. Since recently, Oromo nationalism is framed as athreat to ruling elites in Addis Ababa and their hard won power. Ruling elitesmay consider (not now) another measure which is so dangerous to the federation(The mission is to contain Oromo nationalism from 4-kilo). Network of powerstruggle.

The first step therefore is to overthrew Lamma’s government (who isable to gain enough supports from youths, nationalists) and replace them bypuppet personalities. It is thus a continuation of power struggle in Ethiopianpolitics. In the last 26 years, OPDO could not have meaningful influence in theEPRDF power structure let alone having access to 4-kilo on a ridiculous claimthat OPDO could not bring up capable leaders of its own. That justification is funny. OPDO had capable leaders; the problemis that power holders in the EPRDF were able to label those capable OPDOs asOLFites and able to expel them from Ethiopia. What happened to ex-presidents ofOromia such as Ali Abdo, Junadin Sado and other key figures of OPDO were livingevidences. In general OPDO was deliberately made leaderless.

Now, OPDO is ableto bringing up capable leaders and rejected all forms of fake politicallabeling. Unsurprisingly, the same hegemony is speaking the same very oldlanguage through Jijjiga/ through Abdille. Do you remember this war on Lammaand his team was opened first on the #Jijjigaherald, then #Aigaforum (EPRDFwebsite), then #TigraiOnline, etc. That war is resumed now transforming itselffrom online to on air and field works (invasion, violence, displacing).Warmongering national mornings, state funerals using fake pictures. OromiaGovernment should not be provoked by such irresponsible acts and behaviors fromJijjiga.

That behaviors of Abdille and his government is sponsored from withinthe EPRDF. Very classic power struggle. No one can deny that.

They better stopthat gambling played over Oromo, Somali, Oromia and Somali Regions. The firethey are pushing will burn all. Stop! Stop! Stop it!


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