There are twomains objectives in this study which is to determine the reduction of theseveral parameters which are organic, inorganic by using activated sludgetreatment.Then to identify the factors affecting the activated sludgetreatment. According to the analysis that already, for both objectives wasachieved. Basically, this parameter was divided into three parts which arephysical test, chemical test, and biological test.

For the chemical test, thereare two types which are organic and inorganic.Elevens parameters were analyzedduring this study which is a determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD),determination of  Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD), determination of pH, determination of mixed liquor suspended solids(MLSS), determination of mixed liquor volatile suspended solids (MLVSS),determination of the sludge volume index (SVI),determination of turbidity,determination of the conductivity, determination of heavy metals, determinationof Biological tests and determination of dissolved oxygen(DO).The firstobjectives were achieved because all the parameter was had 80% reduction and itmeans this treatment is good quality effluent and capable of removing the highpercentage of organics and inorganic compounds.The second objective was alsoachieved because all the factor that affecting this treatment was under controlby run the analysis and proved it by calculation.The range of ratio F: M isbetween 0.2 until 0.

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5 and from the calculation was obtained is 0.2 and shownthat the balancing between the foods and microorganism is successful.Next, therange percentage of returned activated sludge is 25% until 150% and the bestpercentage is around 15%-30%.

From the calculation that already obtains was33.74% and it was under the range even not in the best range. Activated sludgeprocess has the simple arrangement which low installation cost and can removethe high percentage of organic and inorganic pollutant.

It uses oxygen andmicroorganisms in this treatment thus it is the eco-friendly process,economical way, and self-sustaining system. 


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