There  are several ways to  consider  handling an interview with a company displaying unethical practices. It is important to hold people accountable for their actions in displaying  unethical behavior.  In reporting unethical behavior , documents should be in place. In terms of gathering all the facts and reporting it to the right people. Some company’s only uses anonymous  hotline to report unethical practices. In the event that one brings unethical practices, it is important to speak effectively and keeping it professional at all times.My approach would be to choose the anonymous hotline , because of infractions that might occur and it is the easiest.

In this scenario its important to have information gathered , so that it is readily available . The first approach  ( via face to face )  is to make the company aware that people are aware that the business is practicing unethical behavior. Every business  has a policy in place to set the tone for the company. Secondly , ( HR ) they would be reminded of the policy in place about unethical practices . Thirdly (anonymous hotline) to avoid getting scolding, avoiding being  passed on for promotions and other exciting events within the organization. They would be reminded of the consequences attached to unethical practice if not addressed in a timely manner.  In terms of the legal aspect of it , not be loyal to their employees  and the business.

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Providing whistleblowers with protection and encouraging employees to report problems help foster an organization that is ethical from top to bottom, according to the book “Organizational Behavior,” by Don Hellriegel and John W. Slocum. The organizations credibility,can lose customers and  shut down forever. Some people are not comfortable talking face to face with the leaders in place. In business ethics is decided what is right and wrong  and to actually do the right thing.

One way to remember and display ethical behavior is , treating people the way that you would like to be treated.  Employers who want to prevent unethical behavior also look at candidates’ values to make sure they mesh with the company’s culture  (Charles D. Kerns, 2003 ).  In organizations consumers would like for people to be honest with them, so it is important for them to be with  others.

I would defend my company even though unethical issues is displayed.  As a business owner, make ethics-based decisions and check the people you put into leadership roles at your company for the same values ( Brooking, M.).  If the company addressed this issues in a timely manner , there would be no shame. I would not get on national television to discuss it , because the company will have hired a spokesperson.  If my company was guilty of unethical behavior  , morally I could not continue to work for a company that presents with unethical practices. I am a firm believer that if you did your company in such dismay it would be easy for the company to do me the same way.

This will let others know that the business does not care for its employees. In business greed makes people do crazy things. In the future moving forward  new employees will be in-serviced  on the ethical policy during  orientation . During that time examples of ethical and unethical behavior will be given during the orientation process and should be referred to the code of conduct .

The new employees will be scheduled to have an ethics trainer  after their probationary period  to discuss the importance of ethical behavior.  Therefore, it will be held  at least four times a year , regardless of the size business.  In business it is important to reward loyal employees , this decreases  unethical practices exhibited. In some cases it is important not to rationalize unethical  behavior  due to it being a hard situation.

When businesses  exhibits a lack of ethical behavior, employees loses interest from their of his employers. Once the issues of unethical behavior present itself Human Resources becomes involves.Some people look for experienced lawyers that can help in  workplace issues and  fraud . If I displayed unethical practices I would accept my punishment, because I am aware of the policy on ethical behavior. An apology acknowledges  the mistake, but it have to be sincere.

After the business acknowledge  its mistake and apologize the next step is to change that issues moving forward.


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