Thereis a saying that action speaks louder than words, no matter how big or smallthe conflict is or how much it can impact our lives. Most of the people in theworld are afraid of making a change, because it is pointless to fight for the rightcause or they are stuck in their comfort zone. Majora Carter, a speaker of TEDtalk and the community organizer known as, “Greening the Ghetto”, believes thatpeople have the power to help make the world a better place. This speechfocuses on Carters passion on making a sustainable environment equality for diverseethnicities. Majora Carter speech is worth the eighteen minutes to watch. Inthe TED, talk Majora uses motivational wordings and influential language togain her audience’s attention.

In the first few minutes of her speech, sheshared her background story about the area she grew up in made her decide onher passion. She grew up in the South Bronx where most the population is AfricanAmerican, and its placed nearby four electric power plants two sewerage treatmentcenters, and a lot of illegal chemical dumping. In her presentation, she wasbeing a bit emotional when she describes the struggles she faced during thosetimes in the South Bronx; watching half of her neighborhood being burned down,her older brother, Lenny, got shot near her home, and grew up in a crack house acrossher street as a poor African American child from the ghetto. Carter states thatwe live in two different worlds, but that did not stop her from fighting for justiceand equality in these two worlds. She states how making green spaces in urbansettings can change a whole group’s viewpoint and enhance its way of life.Asher presentation progresses, Majora Carter displays her caring personality andreminds her audiences that the environment is not only affecting people, butalso the children, diagnosed with asthma and obesity.

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She points out that, “Fifty percent of our residents live at or belowthe poverty line; 25 percent of us are unemployed. Low-incomecitizens often use emergency-room visits as primary care. This comes at ahigh cost to taxpayers and produces no proportional benefits. Poor peopleare not only still poor; they are still unhealthy” (3:51-4:14). This shows thatCarters information is based on qualitative research. This situation isimportant because it helps the viewers understand that Carters point about how theeffect of the environment, like waste and power plants, can have a major effectthe individuals living in poverty and could not afford health care due to theincrease of hospitalization rate. Carter shows a caring nature and understandsthe pain in other individuals. Overall, Carters speech is credible,and it hits audience right in the heart.

Her sense of passion has taught theaudiences that the power of influence can make a difference. She wanted theworld to know that we can make changes if we help and treat each other as a onebig community. She describes that, “We might have come to thisconference from very, very different stations in life, but believeme, we all share one incredibly powerful thing. We have nothing to loseand everything to gain.” (17:35-18:15). Carter’s statements are powerful andinspiring for the viewer’s tendency to do the right thing. One of the viewerscommented her passion by saying, “Powerful,emotional yet backed with enough statistical information for the most die-hardnumber cruncher.

This is the kind of presentation that changes opinions andlives. Green development makes sense economically, socially and spiritually andthe triple bottom line analysis should become the new gold standard in earningplanning. We need to energize and listen to the voices and visions ofcommunities most affected by environmental degradation if we are going to healour national rifts and build economic recovery from the bottom up. (SteveFortuna, TED Talk Viewer) This shows he believes in Carters vision, it will notbe a bad idea to keep an open mind and preserve good nature in the communityfor the future generation of our child.In my honest opinion, Majora Carter is an inspiring speaker andher speech the “Greening the Ghetto” is worth listening to. It is amazing howmuch of a difference a person can make.

A simple act of kindness can make ahuge impact on the environment and people’s lives. Majora Carter has shown thateveryone can make difference by putting their mindset into one specific goal. Herpresentation reminded me of this quote that always been with me, “Unlesssomeone like you cares whole awfully lot, nothing is going to get better. It’snot.

” –Lorax (Dr. Seuss). Reference:- Seuss.

 The Lorax. HarperCollins Children’sBooks, 2017. – “TEDTalks: Majora Carter–Majora Carter:Greening the Ghetto.” TED, 2006.


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