There are numerous things I have learnt and would love to learn again from Aleksey Onishchenko as a whole in this class. Beginning, Elements such as a refreshment overview of the gospels, condensed into 4 nights was great, obviously gives you ways too much to think about but it will not be understated if I say I actually relearnt the gospels according to the idea that reminding truly invokes a fresh perspective in thought. Also, there is other historical fact that instruction touched up on I did not know. Last, I have lodged in my mind several listings of truthful assertions, accusations whether coming from God as that and simply analyzing scripture in a organized and repetitive manner definitely was another influential way of reaching out, in this case the instruction reaching out to me to impress scripture into my inner man. These are the points I will highlight proceeding.

First, as the broadest part of collective answer that will most undeniably may be restated/ repeated further down as answer to the posted question of my findings after four nights in college is my overall refreshment of the content in the latter part of the bible. Chronological path that highlighted birth , baptism, temptation, ministry, preparedness, anointing, betrayal, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and appearances to disciples, apostles and many others. After, historical context given was a quick overview of political rule under Greeks, Babylonians, Assyrians, Maccabean and finally Romans did give me another perspective to the atmosphere 2000 years ago, including the different sects in play in a narrower context such as Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodias, Zealots, scribes/lawyers. Thirdly, I again was leaning how regardless of how certain stories are repeated yet only the Gospel on John is mainly talking to the whole world and the others are directed to a narrower crowd. I was finding myself pleasantly battered with the greatness of Gods plot here on earth packed densely into hours.Second, there was a notion of historical detail I have never heard before about Pilate.

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Pilate was not recognized as a great leader but a weak leader due to his inability to upkeep control of riot, not only was he not a subject of criticism from the side of religion years back and this age/time, he was said to be banished by Roman authority and may have committed suicide. I have made a observation that its not always a good idea to do what people ask and it’s not any different with multitudes of people demanding. How else would I have learnt this other than Bible College.Thirdly, I was influenced my numerous listings I was exposed to during class and I wanna repeat some for example. The Pharisees were called wicked/adulterous, sign-seekers, brood of vipers, evil men, murderers of those sent by God, ignorant of scriptures, hypocrites, blind guides, full of extortion and self-indulgence, serpents, lovers of money. Next, hypocrisy was identified as leaven along with lack of conviction of supernatural, legalism and leaven of Herod which is wickedness. There are other listings I was learning topping to those already mentioned I would exactly not weaver to consider again.In conclusion, in the light of previous testimony I have written, this is what I was studying and what I think can be beneficial to go over again and again.

Starting with, a broad overlook to the context and idea of Gods Sons birth, ministry and death and on. Plus, rare history. In the end, plenty of organized numerates bordering the meaning of the message, the good tiding His disciples accept. To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, Be glory and majesty, dominion and power, Both now and forever.

Amen(Jude 1:25)


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