There is only one main character in this book, and there are many other characters but they don’t play big enough roles in the story to be considered main characters. Allan Karlsson is the 100-year-old protagonist who escapes from his old folks home and has to have one last adventure. Allan grows up an only child in rural Sweden to a loving mother and father. His father is killed in Russia fighting for the socialist revolution, leaving Allan alone with his mother in poverty. Allan works hard to help support his mother, but she also dies not long after, leaving him alone and broke in the world.

Allan becomes an explosives expert at a young age, interested in the science behind blowing things up. After accidentally leading to the death of a local merchant in a stubborn detonation, Allan is housed in an asylum, where he is sterilized by a quack doctor who believes in eugenics. Some of the other characters are, Harry S. Truman, General Franco, Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Mao Tse-tung, Soong Mei-ling, and Winston Churchill.There are two settings in the story.

The Old Folks Home where the book starts with Allan escaping the window and running away to avoid his 100th birthday is represented as a prison-like setting. Allan can’t stand the office director, Alice, and the way she makes keeping everyone who is a resident of the Old Folks Home in line and part of a very uncomfortable atmosphere. This is why Allan is willing to risk what is left of his life to escape from the facility, as he thinks it is better to be on his own in the world than in a restricted home that makes one feel less than human for being there.

Lake Farm is the Swedish farm owned by the Beauty. It is remote and near a lake front. The lake is where the Beauty finds Sonya the Elephant when Sonya escapes from her enclosement. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared is the life of Allan Karlsson, a demolitions expert.

His skills at exploding stuff and people brings him into contact with some of the most famous leaders of his lifetime. For example president’s like Truman, Johnson, and Nixon, to Soviet leader Stalin, and many others. Allan steals a suitcase filled with millions, which leads to the final adventure in his life. He has many flashbacks on his past and how he got to where he is.The turning point in the story is when Allan helps develop and create the atomic bomb for the U.S.

This is the turning point because it makes the U.S. more of a threat to all other countries. Also, lots of higher ranked officials and scientists start to recognize what he can do. Karlsson will also be hired as a demolitions expert for the Germans when he was supposed to blow up a bridge they were walking on but he didn’t. They also invited him to dinner. There are many outcomes in the story.

One of them is that a drug dealer leaves his suitcase full of 50 million dollars in Allan’s hands while he is waiting at a bus stop. Thirty seconds later while the drug dealer is in the restroom the bus comes and Allan takes the suitcase with him. When the dealer tracks down Karlsson, he proceeds to attack Allan and then Allan knocks him out and puts him in a freezing cellar. Allan forgot about him and he froze to death.

There is also the outcome of when Allan decides to not blow up the bridge that the Germans were walking on. He befriends them and gets invited to dinner. After That, he is hired by them as a demolitions expert.I would rate this book a four out of five stars. I did this because it is a great and interesting book.

It is rarely bland and has lots of exciting moments and events. There are some parts of the story where is difficult to understand what is going on because of all of the flashbacks. I recommend this book to readers that liked Forrest Gump because it is so much like it.

Also, people that like adventure and some action and drama.


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