There are many arguments about why Neil Young is canada’s greatest musicians. From his environmental work in fort mcmurray, to his countless awards, to his love for the great game we play, hockey, Neil Young is uniquely Canadian. Neil was born november 12 1945 in toronto Canada. Ever since then, although primarily living in the united states, Neil has kept his Canadian citizenship. Neil has fought for the canadian environment many times, arguing against the keystone XL pipeline and comparing Fort Mcmurray to hiroshima.  “Fort McMurray looks like Hiroshima. Fort McMurray is a wasteland.

The Indians up there and the native peoples are dying.” Neil has put off benefit concerts across canada to help the first nations people. The money raised was donated to the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations which aim to protect their land from oil sands development.

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The reasons why Neil Young is canada’s greatest musician is his countless awards and accomplishments as a musician, his environmental works across Canada, and his fight to protect first nations rights. Neil Young has been in the music industry since 1960 when he joined a cover band. In 1966 Young left canada and moved to Los Angeles where he formed Buffalo Springfield With stephen stills, Richie Furay Band, and others. Neil had produced 2 solo albums by the time he joined crosby stills and nash, along with 2 more albums with Buffalo Springfield. Neil also was a part of a band called crazy horse which he also released two albums with before going solo for good. So far Neil has released 36 albums and 59 singles.

He has been nominated for over 60 major music awards including 23 grammy nominations, which he won 4 of, and 28 juno awards, 9 of which he won. In 1995 Neil Young was inducted into the Rock And Roll hall of fame. Despite all the fame Neil has received worldwide Neil has never forgot about the land that he came from, Canada.

Neil young has been a household name for people everywhere since the mid nineteen sixties making him a huge voice to speak out, and he has done it, many times. Neil Young has spoken openly about his disagreement with the oil sands and the keystone XL pipeline, even going as far as comparing Fort Mcmurray to hiroshima and saying it looks like a waste land. He has taken a lot of heat for these comparisons from the oil industry but still stands behind his word. “Canada is trading integrity for money … That’s what’s happening under the current leadership in Canada, which is a very poor imitation of the George Bush administration in the United States and is lagging behind on the world stage.

It’s an embarrassment to any Canadians.” Neil said in a debate about the oil sands. Neil’s outspoken views show his love for this country. He does not want the environment to be completely destroyed by oil expansion and development. He believes that canada should cut spending on oil production and focus the money back into cleaner and more reliable energy sources, such as biomass, solar and hydro electricity. Although some people view his comparisons and arguments as exaggerated and extreme, it’s his extreme views that get his point across. Neil even released a protest song called “Who’s gonna stand up” to bring attention to climate change.

Along with trying to stop the expansion of the oil sands neil is also trying to help the group that the oil sands affect the most, the Aboriginals. Native people in canada have been trying to protest the expansion of oil production onto their land for years now. Neil young decided to help them with their efforts. He has played all across canada on his Honour The Treaties tour protesting the expansion of  oil production onto traditional aboriginal land. The tour raised money for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations in northern Alberta.

The reserve has spent well over 2 million dollars on legal fees fighting against expansion. ? Its biggest challenge was the expansion of the the Jackpine mine, which ended up being approved last month.”We’ve lost a lot of litigation, but it evens out because the victories we feel have really changed things drastically in the way the oil sands are developed,” says Eriel Deranger, communications coordinator and ACFN member.? Neil hopes that the money he raises will help them in their fight against expansion.

Young said he toured one of 50 oilsands sites with his son and was shocked at “the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s the greediest, most destructive and most disrespectful demonstration of something that has run amok.” that is why he aims to help the natives with their fight against expansion. The reasons why Neil Young is canada’s greatest musician is his countless awards and accomplishments as a musician, his environmental works across Canada, and his fight to protect first nations rights.

Even after all his fame and success Neil young’s main hope is to protect canada and the people of it from environmental catastrophe. He believes that the protection of our environment for many generations is more important than money. He also believes that the people that are native to this land deserve to be able to keep the little land they are left with. They deserve the right to have the treaties that they signed honoured. All this along with Neil’s outstanding accomplishments and awards is what makes Neil young Canada’s greatest musician.


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