There are social issues have been raisingadvances in our country and one of them is the continuously growing of theunemployment rate. The issue of unemployment continues to exist in thePhilippines due to the increased population, corruption and less number of jobvacancies.

There are a lot of risk of a country that is experiencingunemployment, like here in our country many Filipinos tend to work overseas tobe able to fulfill their family needs and dreams. Not only that, the issue ofunemployment affects especially to those population of the country who havecompleted their education from universities or institute but not able to get asuitable job for them. However, to prevent the increasing rate of unemploymentin our country, we should control in population and by making our youths topromote a no famous sector, by that move we can get success in removing theproblem of unemployment from our country.As the expanding danger of recession isapproaching over our heads, it has turned out to be important to discuss it atany rate among our club. We as a whole realize that our co-representatives arebeing laid off because of the scarcity of work and the waning monetary state ofour association.

It’s a period that should be taken care of with most extremetolerance and creativity.There aremainly three forms of unemployment – labor class, who is illiterate, educatedpeople without being technically qualified and lastly technical people, such asengineers. With laborclass, the circumstance is to such an extent that they need to always searchfor business open doors as they acquire compensation once a day; subsequentlythey club themselves at a specific place to have the capacity to get normalwork some place. In this problematic circumstance, now and again they candiscover work and in some cases not. In any case, they have habituatedthemselves to make due in the last condition despite the fact that it isdisappointing on occasion for them as well when they can’t meet their essentialnecessities of sustenance and attire. Circumstance is very comparable for thecity laborers likewise as they figure out how to get regular work in someenormous homestead or field, which help them to survive.As thepopulation of literate people is developing step by step, the legislature can’tsuit them at the working environments. As of now our informed youth is unhappywith the awkward wages given to them and the danger of joblessness abandonsthem much more disappointed.

It is very deplorable that they are made to wanderthrough the dim streets. Since they don’t have any down to earth involvement orspecialized ability, they just wind up searching for administrativeoccupations, which are insufficient to suit the developing number of literatepeople.Last theindividuals who possess technical qualification get much more disappointed inlight of the fact that they can’t locate a great job at standard with theirscholarly qualification. Since the quantity of individuals obtaining technicalability is expanding step by step, consequently even they get captured in thetrap of joblessness. It’s great that an ever increasing number of individualsare instructing themselves and are additionally going for higher instructivelevels as well; yet unfortunately the legislature is demonstrating wasteful tooffer them great business openings. Subsequently, the developing annoyance anddisappointment in our childhood has turned out to be so obvious nowadays.One of the most interesting things we willsee today is that they look at how we manage to problems and help them developvaluable skills. Unemployment is a social problem, A person or many personsremain unemployed when their qualifications do not match the requirements ofjobs available in the city.

In the current society the requirements are goinghigher and higher each year. Unemployment leads to social unrest. Standards ofeducation may be risen. Professional and job-oriented inexpensive courses areto be created Walk outside and see for yourself, loitersflock together and spends their time lavishly, maybe having the fun bythemselves, or plans about how will they get jobs in soonest time.

Philippinesstruggles with unemployment despite of rapid economic growth. Why? One reasonis that low quality of jobs available. Mostly, Filipinos want to have a finejob that can provide a good salary, for them to sustain their needs every day.Another factor may be that the job creation has struggled to keep pace with anever-expanding population. Proof? Filipinos seek jobs outside the Philippinesbecause they think that there are better opportunities and good salaries inabroad. But that can’t be the only factors that results the upsizing ofunemployment rate in our country; Job and education background is usually beingchecked by employers to know the feedback and history of education of the applicant, the love of a person for his/her graduate courseis also a factor which will push the person to pursue his/her job career,financial crisis of an organization or company that causes downsizing ofemployees, and a lot of reasons, because a lot of people has different storiesof being unemployed.

According to Social Protection in case ofUnemployment in the Philippines, section VI. Existing social protectionmeasures in relation to risk of unemployment, that the current situation of thePhilippines is that workers, who lose their jobs, mostly (except GSIS members)have no employment insurance. However, there is a variety of laws and benefitsthat give workers protection: That unemployed workers can obtain assistancefrom Public Employment Service Offices and from TESDA for job facilitation andtraining, and benefits from availing loans, regular unemployment from GSIS, andavail of 3 moths contribution free-health insurance. Corresponding to HouseBill No. 5928, “An Act expanding the benefits of the Social Security System toprovide for Unemployment or Involuntary separation benefits thereby amendingfor this purpose; Republic Act No. 8282, as amended, otherwise known as theSocial Security Law” this proposal suggests a benefit level of 50% of themonthly compensation upon involuntary separation provided that during the lastyear at least 6 months contributions has been paid. Same with other proposedhouse bill by different Congressmen pertaining for the insurance of unemployed.

According to the PhilippineStatistics Authority the employment rate in July 2017 was estimated at 94.4percent.  In July 2016, the employment rate was 94.

6 percent. Regions withlowest employment rates were Ilocos Region (91.8%), National Capital Region(NCR) (92.1%), and Central Luzon (92.9%).  The labor force participationrate (LFPR) in July 2017 was estimated at 60.

6 percent given the population 15years old and over of 70.1 million.  The LFPR in July 2016 was 63.2percent.   The labor force population consists of the employed andthe unemployed 15 years old and over.

The unemployment rate in July 2017 wasestimated at 5.6 percent.  While the unemployment rate in July 2016 was5.4 percent.  Among the regions, Ilocos Region (8.2%), National CapitalRegion (NCR) (7.9%) and Central Luzon (7.

1%) were the regions with the highestunemployment rates. Among the unemployed persons in July 2017, 64.0 percentwere males.  Of the total unemployed, the age group 15 to 24 yearscomprised 49.

3 percent, while the age group 25 to 34, 29.7 percent. Byeducational attainment, 21.3 percent of the unemployed were college graduates,14.5 percent were college undergraduates, and 33.1 percent have completedjunior high schoolThe unemployment rate in 2017increases .2 percent compared to the unemployment rate in 2016. Due to poverty,population increase, downsizing and laying-off of companies because of thedepression happening in our country, the contraction of products in a country.

Unemployment is also caused byOccupational immobility, Geographical immobility, Technological change, andStructural change in the economy. Occupational immobility; This alludes to thetroubles in adapting new abilities relevant to another industry, and mechanicalchange, e.g. a jobless agriculturist may battle to look for some kind of employmentin cutting edge enterprises. Geographical immobility; This alludes to thetrouble in moving districts to land a position, e.g.

there might be employmentsin London, yet it could be hard to discover appropriate settlement or tutoringfor their kids. Technological change; On the off chance that there is theadvancement of work sparing innovation in a few businesses, at that point therewill be a fall popular for work. Structural change in the economy; The decreaseof the coal mines because of an absence of aggressiveness implied that numerouscoal excavators were jobless. Be that as it may, they thought that it was hardto land positions in new businesses, for example, PCs. Thebest way to prevent unemployment is to constantly improve your skills. Takeclasses and apply for jobs that sounds fun and full of surprises, that willgive you experience in job interviews.

Improve all the required skills: englishdialect, writing skills, comprehension, computation, and otherfor-personal-growth characteristics. All employers look for someone that presents themselves well. The BangkoSentral ng Pilipinas is also working on implementing the expansionary monetarypolicy which allows growing business to borrow capital from BSP.

As thepresident together with other logistics and congress, we are planning andcurrently having several studies and discussion by directly making jobs forunemployed workers by increasing spending on government project, widelydistributed all over the Philippines. To my fellow Filipinos, choose the field whatyour heart wants to. Because you’ll be the one to work and not the others whoare telling you to take another course. Because if you do what you love, andthe money will follow, your passion will turn to be a great enthusiasm. Yourwork, his labor, and our effort will make a great difference and changedirectly in our everyday living, to our economy, and for the development of ourmother land, Philippines. Unemployment is a pest not being noticed by thesociety.

Each unemployed member of the country makes the other member suffer alittle bit more, simply saying, when this problem will still be unnoticed, andno solution was given to the future, the president is at fault. I am thePresident of this country, I will lead the battle against unemployment andpromise to win the fight against it. 


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