There was ahappy green apple tree..

..and sheloved a little funny boy. The boywould come and play in the tree. Sometimeshe would even pick her leaves, but they both would smile.    He wouldswing on her branches and shewould give him apples. They wouldplay hide-and-seek.He would hide in the tree, and she would look for him as long as he would like.

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And when hewas tired, he would sleep in her shadeand she would cover him with her soft lives. The boywould wake up and hug her feeling happy.And the tree would smile happily. Some timewent by and the boy grew older. Now he was a big boy.

But then he wouldn’t come that often. Then oneday the big boy came to the tree and the tree said, “How are you, Boy? Come, climb up here. Swing on my branches, eat applesand play in my shade.” “I am too big to climb and play,” said the boy sadly. “There are so many things in the world, a lot of things I want to buy, butI don’t have much money.””I’m sorry, but I don’t have money. If you really need all these things inthe world, take my apples, Boy.

But selling my apples will not bring you thatmuch money. Think hard about your choices and consequences. You reap what yousaw,” – said the apple tree. I hope,” whispered the apple tree and shook the dew off her lives.And so the bigboy took all her apples and carried them away. And the tree was very worried about the big boy.And was getting even more worried as he didn’t show up for a long time. But one daythe big boy came back.

“How can I help you, Boy? You don’t seem to be very happy.”  “I want to marry and have children. I need a house. Can you help me with ahouse?” “I have no house, Boy,” said the tree,”But you can stay in my shade and I’ll cover you with my soft leaves andprotect you.

You’ll rest, and then you’ll figure out what to do to make yourdreams come true.” “I don’thave time to stay, I have to go,” – said the big boy. This time he watered thetree from his water bottle and left.And the tree then was somehow less worried about the big boy. But the bigboy stayed away for a longer time than before. And when he came back, he was already a young man. “Tell me, how are you doing, Boy?” – she asked softly.

“I am working hard, but it’s tough,” – said the young man,”Sometimes I want to quit, run, go far away .” “You can’t get awayfrom yourself by moving from one place to another, Boy. I see you are changing and it’s good. You willcope, I know. Because you reap what you saw,” said the tree.

“Thank you,” – said the big boy.Then he watered and hugged the and left.The treewas happy.

And oddly almost not worried about the young man anymore. Time passedby and the young man came back again he was not a young man, but just a man. “Haven’t seen you for a long time, boy,” – said the tree.”Sorry, I was doing so many things recently… I am sorry.” said the Boy.””The winter was cold, but I saved some apples for you, ” – said the tree.”Thank you,” smiled the man and hugged her tight. “And my branches are not that firm anymore to swing on them,” saidthe tree.

“I am a bit too heavy to swing on your branches,” smiled the man. “But look there – there is my little daughter,” – said the man. She wants toplay with you. She’s been dreaming for a long time to play with you.” “Climb up here little one, let’s play.

I am not very old to hold a little girllike you,” – said the tree happily. “Thank you, but let me first water you, please,” said the girlhappily.  “And here is my wife, she brought some apple seedlings to plant by you, if youdon’t mind?” – said the man. “Thank you for the love and apples you gave to my husband,” – said the man’swife. “And now we have a big apple orchard back home. A very beautiful orchard. Likeyou,” – said the little girl.

“You reap what you saw, don’t you, boy?” – smiled the tree.”Thank you, boy” – whispered the apple tree and shook the dew off her lives.”Thank you,” – said the boy smiling. A drop of dew, which probably fell of thetree, was rolling down his cheek.”Come, everyone here, sit in my shade”.PSNow it’s up to you, my friend, how this story will go on.Or you can write your own story, a better one. Or just a different one.You can.The beginning.


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