There are numerous of characteristics that make up
an extraordinary nurse. Whether it may be a nurse who is prioritized, a nurse
who has delegation, one who abides in safety, or one who is caring. Although
these characteristics are conjoined, I feel as though a nurse who is caring s
the characteristic that is the most important. To be a caring nurse is what I
like to call a blessing. Nurses are required to have an extensive and
contemporary knowledge in order to provide patient centered care. Patients and
family members of patients expect nurses to have knowledge of their diagnosis
while also being sympathetic towards them and their needs. I will be discussing
the importance of art of nursing as well as science of nursing. Both of these
go hand on hand on becoming an exceeding nurse so you will need these two of
these qualities.


The art of nursing is the act of being
compassionate towards your patients. Majority of patients are looking forward
of being well taken care of when admitted to a hospital, doctor’s office, etc.
Not too many tools or guidelines can teach you how to have this specific
quality. According to (Dempsey Reily and Bulhman, 2014 also Lusk and Fater, 2013),
the care and empathy towards patients are difficult to define but definitely
intensify the condition of their experience.

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For example, the journal gave us information on a
case of a 32 year old man. His name is J.P which he was admitted into the
hospital for a bowel obstruction. J.P is mentally and physically challenged and
has been since birth. His family was perturbed on how the nurses will be able
to give him proper care and attention due to his challenges. The author
mentioned how the nurses took multiple actions of tenderness to communicate
with him. The nurses asked his family if they have a nickname for him they can
call him to give him a sense of safety. The nurses also took the action to
write on the board that “nonverbal assessment” was needed. They took further
actions by also giving him massages on his hands and feet. Each time a nurse
entered the room, they would greet J.P first and then his family, also
verbalizing their actions to taking care of J.P. The family felt moved by the
numerous nurses and their actions to taking care of their loved ones. Although
technology and the up to date knowledge helped with J.P’s recovery, it was the
sense of love and patient centered care that the family will remember. The
nurses exercised the art of nursing to satisfy the complex medical and physical
needs of the patient.


To further elaborate, the science of nursing also plays an
important role. A nurse is also expected to have the combination of skills,
performance and attitudes alongside with a vary of academic knowledge and
clinical experience. Almost every five years, new information about diseases,
medicines and etc are put out and nurses are required to be up to date with the
new changes. It’s the nurses job to comply with the changes. According to Oncology
Nursing Society (ONS) 2013, “nurses must engage in lifelong learning and continuing
competency and is the fundamental tenet of professional nursing.” To add on to
J.P’s case, the team of nurses did use technology and updated information to
treat his condition and take care of him. The science of nursing did help with
his recovery but the most important thing is that him and his family will
remember is the act of compassion these phenomenal team of nurses took. Being a
nurse who has compassion makes a huge impact on people’s life. People will
always remember the nurse who took care of them with love and kindness. As a
nurse, we made a dedication to change people’s life to our best ability and to comply
with their condition and make them feel loved and cared for. Being able to nurture
someone who isn’t related to you is truly a blessing in my eye and is a act that
you can’t study to perfection.

In a nut shell, the art of nursing plays a humongous role. Taking
time to connect with patients and show signs of compassion and sympathy makes their
stay at the hospital endurable. They already have heard bad news, the last thing
they would want is a nurse who doesn’t show interest in actually taking care of
them. Nurses strive to keep the family empowered and engaged in what’s going on.
I wouldn’t say missing this characteristic would make you any less of a nurse but
it is definitely a characteristic that majority of patients look forward to once
their admitted into the hospital. I like to use this example, think about that patient
you are about to take care of. What if that person was a relative or someone you
deeply care about. How would you like that person to be taken care of? I’m pretty
sure you would want to cater to their needs and make them feel comfortable. The
same thing would apply to those other patients. They deserve an act of compassion


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