Theoretical Framework

G-12 Decision makings

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are a lot of courses that we may choose in choosing our career. For the Grade
12 students, there are some instances that they pick not for their own likes
but they choose it for being sociable and they would not let their friends get
mad, factors influence decision making. Some of these factors, including your
past experience (Juliusson, Karlsson, &G?rling, 2005) belief in your
personal relevance (Acevedo, & Krueger, 2004), and a rapid increase of
commitment, influence what are the choices of people make. Understanding the
factors that influence the making of decisions process is very important for us
to understand what decisions are made. That is, following factors that
influence the process of making decisions may impact the outcomes.

Career choice factors

are a lot of affecting factors in choosing preferred careers. The Government
used to find ways to lessen problems in our society; to implement a K-12
program of the educational system, specifically in the Department of Education.
This need to gain the accretion of graduates before they reach the college
level, Senior High School is two years of specialized upper secondary education
(Official Gaze, 2012). Luck plays a major part: unpredictable social factors,
chance events, and environmental factors are important influences on graduate’s


Conceptual Framework

are some different factors that are either it could be directly or indirectly
affects the career preferences of Senior High School students. The focus of
this study was taken by the following conceptual frameworks which have this
three-part process: the Inputs, Process, and Outputs.

– This includes the socio-demographic profiles of the select students, their
wanted field of study to specialized, and their career preference and factors
that affect their career preferences.

– This includes in determining their career preferences and the leading factors
that affect their career preferences. We may conduct a survey of the select
Grade 12 students.

– This study would identify the career preference of the select Grade 12 Senior
High School (SHS) students of Valencia National High School (VNHS) for certain
institutions or universities that would like to design and implement Senior
High school program.


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