Their can be many ways a infectious disease gets transmitted but a common way for this to happen is through a direct transfer of bacteria. This may happen when someone with this disease touches, sneezes, kisses, or coughs on someone that isn’t already infected with this disease. A infectious disease can be transmitted by direct or even indirect contact! Certain types of parasites, fungi , bacteria, and viruses can all cause infectious disease.

Malaria, measles, and respiratory illnesses are examples of infectious diseases. When a patient comes in with symptoms a doctor will suspect a infection from what symptoms the patient has. The doctor will first determine whether the patient has a infection instead of a type of illness. Similar symptoms could mean many different things which could be severe or not so severe things so they would run tests to make sure what it exactly is. Once the doctor can confirm the patient has a infection, they will most of the time need to find out what certain microorganism is causing the infection. There’s lots of different kinds of can cause a certain infection. Many different types of laboratory tests can identify microorganisms.

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Laboratory tests use a sample of blood, urine, sputum, or other fluid or even tissue from the body. When they have these samples they may be, Stained and examined under a microscope, Cultured (placed in conditions that encourage the growth of microorganisms), Tested for antibodies, produced by the person’s immune system in response to the microorganism, Tested for a microorganism’s antigens (molecules from the microorganism that can trigger an immune response in the body), or Tested for genetic material (such as DNA or RNA) from the microorganism. You can’t just take one test then identify every microorganism, and tests that work well for one microorganism most of the time do not work well for different one.

Doctors have to pick the test depending on which microorganisms they believe are most likely to cause a disorder. Sometimes they will do many different kinds of tests but most of the time in a certain order, depending on the results of the last test taken. After more and more tests are taken the less possibilities their are for choices.

If the right test is not done, doctors might not be able to know the cause of infection. Some of these samples get sent out for testing. Certain infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, can cause cancer or create a higher chance of cancer forming.

Some viruses can also affect the signaling that most of the time keeps cell growth going. Some infections will even weaken the immune system, which makes the body not as well at fighting off other cancer causing infections. The genetics that come along with being a psychopath is actually pretty interesting. When a test was made on the nervous system it showed that they feel less fear and anxiety than a normal person. A experiment was also made to show that low arousal levels cause impulsiveness and thrill seeking and fast to change behavior.

4-5 times if a phycopath is in a family the infant can inherit is too. 30-38% of psychopaths show abnormal brain patterns. When they are a child it’s also slow but increases as they get older. The abnormal brain wave activity comes from the temporal lobes and the limbic system of the brain, which these areas control memory and emotions. When This part of the brain is developed, if there’s any traumatic that happens then it could go bad. For the nurture side of everything some believe that it comes from something traumatic or love.

Studies have shown that 60% of psychopathic individuals have lost a parent.  A Lot of times it’s also from parents being gone or absent from their lives. It can also be from how they were raised if a father may be too sterne whereas the mother would be too nice making the child learn to hate being interested and controlled then manipulate the mother. It can also be from the parents making it seem to everyone else that their family is perfect to other people but when in reality they are mean to the child at home when no one else is around. Typhoid fever is bacterial disease spread through contaminated food and water or close contact. Symptoms include high fever, headache, belly pain, and either constipation or diarrhea. We now have vaccines for smallpox to prevent us from getting it.

Typhoid fever is common in most parts of the world except in industrialized regions such as the United States, Canada, western Europe, Australia, and Japan.The epidemiology of cancer is the study of the certain things that affect cancer, as a way to infer possible trends and causes. The American Cancer Society estimated that in the year 1995, there is going to be around 1,252,000 different cancer cases and 547,000 people dying from cancer in the United States alone. Cancer frequency and the death rates happen more often. Also people in the U.S of the age 65 and older has a better chance of developing cancer than someone that is at a younger age.

Besides the higher death rate for cancer in the years 1950 and 1990, the death rates for every different kinds of cancers combined have went down by a lot for people people below the age 45 but has went up for people of the age 55 and older. A Lot of the increase in death is caused from lung cancer. African Americans have a higher death rate for cancer than whites. At the moment the leading cancers is lung, breast, prostate, colon and rectum, and ovary.

If lung cancer were to be not in the picture, the rate of cancer deaths would have went down by over 14% since the year 1950.


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