The Earth we share is the only one we have. Any extreme pollution is nearly impossible to be reversed, and there’s been more pollution than ever all because of us. The exact moment the industrial revolution started is when pollution started to gradually grow and then skyrocket. In the relatively short time of about a century we’ve done more damage to it than ever. Whether it be soil pollution, air pollution, or water pollution, they all contribute to the destruction of our environment.

The damage isn’t stopping either, only getting worse. Everyday with more and more pollution, the harm only grows along with Earth’s instability. Simply put, if people weren’t here, the Earth would be far better off. It’s unrealistic to completely stop pollution, but not to at least lower it. If people would only alter some of their actions this world would have a better outlook, but this has been tried before, people just don’t listen.

Most people haven’t accepted that either changes must be met or the future of our world is in danger. It is crucial that people must start accepting the ramification of their actions in order to lessen their impact on the environment. Humans must accept that our current way of life has severe implications for the future of both our race and the Earth we live on.There’s a lot of ways people affect the environment, most of them being negative. People are the most polluting species. When the quality of life increased from the industrial revolution, sustainable living greatly decreased. People got used to all the amenities that our entire way of life depends on them, and we still want more. We have a crippling dependant on our vehicles, air conditioning, appliances, farming chemicals, and fossil fuels.

Though these things make us more comfortable, the same thing can’t be said for the planet. Because of all this stuff that makes us so comfortable, the sea level is rising, temperature is increasing, the air is becoming toxic, biodiversity is being lost, water is becoming undrinkable, our ozone layer is being depleted, forests are being destroyed. There are very real consequences to our actions and only once we accept this our Earth will heal. By learning to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle we can all help.

The Earth isn’t getting any better if we do nothing and continue to ignore the problem. It is only a matter of time before we have passed the point of no return


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