The society mainly has
two layer of peoples-the one in power who govern the society and others are common
citizens. people elect their representatives to formulate policies for their
well-being in various civics, legal, economical and culture aspects and
therefor have the right to question and get answers from authority.

Since the governing body
is for the well fare of people, The people should have the participation in
matters that directly concern them.  Mechanism
should be established where people can question the policies and also provide feedback
to the government. The doubts in the mind of people when they are unheard or
suppressed lead to violence and vandalism in society. The benefits of
questioning are manifold. People get clear understanding of policies, authority
gets more awareness regarding minor yet important issues concerning people that
it might otherwise have missed and authority with active participation of
people can implement policies more effectively. For example, in India, Delhi
state government conduct social meetings in different localities where people
take decision regarding expenditure of budget allocated for them. This  makes people feel content and thus enhances
the well-being of society .  

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Power has tendency to corrupt
people. Government collect money from people in form of tax. This money is to
be used for the growth of nation by investing in security, industrial and infrastructure
development, diplomatic ties and various social welfare schemes. In absence of
proper instruments of questioning, the people in power can misuse these funds
for their personal gains and encourage bribery and nepotism. The constant pressurization
by the people has led to formulation of RTI and various consumer forums. Questioning
by the people keeps a check on unfair practices and corruption. Questioning has
to power to reform the wrong policies.. Questioning right to drive by women having
around for several decades in Saudi Arabia compelled its kingdom to reform and
allow women to drive.


To sum, Society benefits
when questions are raised. Therefore, it is advisable that people should be
encouraged to be curious and question the model of governance. 


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