The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyorsis a professional association. They represent the interest of people working asquantity surveyors and estimators within the construction industry. They arethe body that sets the standard for construction economics in Canada. Themission of this association is to advance the professionalism of quantitysurveying and construction estimation.

Quantity surveyors are professionals whouse their knowledge of construction methods, laws, projects, and accounting toevaluate tenders, manage projects, provide advice and, when necessary, prepareand participate in dispute resolution. Construction Estimators use theirconstruction industry knowledge to price and prepare estimates for projects,conduct negotiations, to price change orders, and to track project progress tocost and schedule. By setting standards for these professions this associationfacilitates improvements to the quality and consistency of project time andfinance management, contracts, and estimation on projects costs for labor andmaterial.

  Contracts for construction in Canada fallunder one of two categories. Construction in the province of Quebec is governedby Civil law. Quebec has a civil code, which is part of their French Colonialhistory. Civil law came from the Napoleonic code. Construction in all otherCanadian provinces and Territories is governed by Common law. Common law wasinherited from the English system of law. The difference between these twocategories is that common law depends on case law, which means the law isenforced based on its experience and practice as expressed in judges opinionsand rulings in other cases, whereas civil law relies more heavily what isactually written laws and codes.  Inthe construction industry most disputes are resolved through arbitration.

Arbitration allows opposing parties to resolve issues without going to court.Often this is a quicker and less expensive route than the courts. A third partyexpert, or arbitrator, an export in the construction industry and the law, isbrought in to hear both sides, to research and review issues and informationrelated to the case to resolve the issues or define liability to the partiesinvolved. 


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