Thestage of requirement engineering which have information about requirements isrequirement and planning also contain information about relationship betweenrequirement and dependencies among requirement. Requirement engineering is acontinuous process and cross section process which start identification andchange control during and after requirements development process phases.RequirementsManagementis a continuous activity that can perform after development and duringmaintenance because requirementsmaycontinue to change 9, 21. Requirement traceability is a part of requirementmanagement, which refers ability to describe and follow the life of arequirement and its relations with other development artefacts in both forwardsand backwards direction 22, 23.

We can accept change because changed existtime to time it’s important to manage in time. Along with its important toidentify the changes analyze and check whether change is important or not. Ifit is important the implementation is made in proper manner. Requirementmanagement is sometimes considered as the most complex requirements engineeringprocess 24.

A requirement change can have a large impact on the developingsystem, which is very hard to estimate. For every change, costs and re-developmentwork must have to be considered before approving the change. After refinementof requirements, the requirement can be further incorporated into softwaredevelopment processes. Requirement change management has a strong relationshipwith baselining 25. Requirementsmanagementtools have been developed to manage unstable requirements and large amount ofdata collected during requirements engineering process 16. Requirementsmanagement tools collect together with the system requirements in a database orrepository and provide a range of facilities to access the information aboutthe requirements 9. Software requirements management tool support secure andconcurrent co-operative work between members of a multidisciplinary developmentteam that support standard systems, modelling techniques and notations.

It isnecessary to maintain an audit trail of changes, archive baseline versions, andengage a mechanism to authenticate and approve change requests. One should alsomaintain a comprehensive data dictionary of all project components andrequirements in a shared repository and produce predefined and ad-hoc reports.Documents should also be generated that can comply with standard industrialtemplates 26.


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