The 3 types of enterprise systems are:i)                    ERP- Enterprise Resource Planningii)                  CRM- Customer Relationship Managementiii)                SCM- Supply Chain ManagementI. ERP: The undertaking asset arranging framework coordinates programming applications similarly as an organization incorporates business forms, for example, acquiring, back, HR and stock administration. Inside an ERP framework, the incorporated programming modules, for example, OM, AP,AR ,GL, inventory and so on, impart and share information. Each of these modules comprises of different applications that play out the capacities required to execute specific end-to-end business forms. ERP applications bolster not just different operational and authoritative assignments, for example, the making of a record payable or a period sheet, they may likewise be modified to help various distinctive enterprises; it includes Oil Company and Gas Company, retail and saving money.

II. CRM: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for dealing with all your organization’s connections and associations with your clients and potential clients. It causes you enhance your benefit. Customer Relationship Management empowers you to concentrate on your association’s associations with distinctive individuals – whether those are clients, benefits clients, partners or providers. CRM isn’t only for deals. A portion of the greatest picks up in efficiency can originate from moving past CRM as a deal and advertising apparatus and inserting it into your business – from HR to client administrations and store network administration. Utilizing a CRM framework can give you an unmistakable outline of your clients.

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Like basic, adjustable dashboard that can reveal to you a customer’s past with the company using this system, the status of their requests, any remarkable customer benefit issues, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.III. SCM:  A supply chain alludes to the gathering of individuals, undertakings, gear, information and different assets required to create and move items from a seller to a client.

SCM speaks to an exertion by providers to create and actualize supply chains that are as effective and sparing as could be allowed. This covers overall from generation, to item improvement, to the data frameworks expected to coordinate these endeavors. Data streams permit supply chain accomplices to arrange their vital and operational plans and in addition the everyday stream of merchandise and materials through the production network called supply chain. The physical streams incorporate the fabricate, transport and capacity of products or materials.


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