The flowchart presents how the Uber business operates where two likely outcomes can be achieved including ”Uber trip activated” or ”cancel ride.

” Each step in the Uber operation process is important in influencing the final step as depicted in the diagram. The first step named ”Uber Request Received” is an appreciation of the company’s use of mobile technology through the Uber app to make requests for their services. One important aspect of quality control is listening to the customer. In this regard, it is critical to understand the three desires of the customer including good, fast, and cheap (Webber & Wallace, 2012).

Therefore, one the Uber request is received; the drivers have a mandate to quickly inform the client if ”car is available” or not.Another vital tenet of the quality control process is evaluating the company’s quality. It might involve interrogating the processes that might cause the organization problems in achieving its primary objectives (Webber & Wallace, 2012). In this regard, it is crucial to note that there are two essential stages in the Uber flow chart that need to be evaluated because they lead to the adverse outcome of ”cancel ride.” Unavailability of car or the failure of the driver to accept the requests would lead to the unlikely scenario of canceling the ride.

Currently, Uber does not guarantee a ride once a request is made and this is an area that the company needs to pay much focus on.Lastly, Uber must also focus on the continual improvement which is an important measure of quality control. It offers a chance for the company to improve their performance.

Therefore, Uber can invest more in increasing their vehicles to prevent the likelihood of inconveniencing their customers through canceling the trips


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