The purpose of this paper is trying to find out the influence of water-based and callisthenic exercise on Parkinson disease. The method is collecting and comparing the data before and after the exercise practice. The participants for the research are 25 people who have Parkinson’s disease. There are two interventions. The water-based (WB) and the combination of water and callisthenic exercise (WC) both lasted for 16 weeks.

The final effects and results are tested by three exams. The first is the freezing of gait score test, which will give scores based on patients’ performance and their performance will be recorded for the after evaluation. The second test is the balance test of the Short Physical Performance Battery, which is used to determine the level of postural control. In this test, the final points will be the time (in seconds) for people to maintain their position. The last one is the “Spanish validated version of the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale part 2” (Cancela et al, 2015), which is used to assess the functional independence. There will be 13 parts to be measured and describe their ability to perform.

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All of the three evaluations were done two times (1 week before and after the intervention). The results indicate that the data for both groups are very similar. For FOG and postural control, patients increased their performance in both groups. FOG test shows that WC group have better improvement after exercise. By contrast, the difference of postural control between two groups have no statistical significance. The functional independence even become worsen in WB group and still no statistically significance in WC group. In conclusion, the water and callisthenic exercise can benefit mild to moderate Parkinson patients’ performance on FOG.

On the contrary, the water-based and callisthenic exercise did not help to improve individual’s postural control and functional independence for Parkinson disease.


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