The global market for eCommerce has been growing unstoppably in the recent years and is expected to cross all bounds of annual income by 2020, reaching trillions in terms of annual global revenue. While this clearly exemplifies the growing influence of online retail market over traditional stores, eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify are the main players that helped in such a phenomenal transformation from real to virtual shopping. WooCommerce is one of the most flexible platforms that tops in the race with about 40% of market share. PHPProgrammers, being a renowned eCommerce development company, has some the expert WooCommerce developer in Sydney who helps retail businesses to stay on the top place in the fierce online shopping market. As the holidays are around, here are some of the surefire ways to escalate the sales of your WooCommerce store overnight. Free Shipping & multiple shipping modes While shipping costs are a major hindrance for online customers, there are hidden shipping costs too that raise the prices of products exceptionally. In that context, you need to offer free shipping when holidays are close and you know buyers are flooding in for latest buys. You can also provide multiple shipping options in specific with shipping zones or provide coupons for that to make sure shipping inconveniences are not a cause for people leaving your site.   Offering discounts and time-bound dealsDiscounts are one of the crucial factors that make customers happy and contented while they shop. So, when holidays are around it is highly recommended to produce a buzz with flashy sales banners with lucrative discounts and time-bound deals. Personalised offerings Sometimes personalised offerings are a great way to improvise the sales during holidays. For this, you can simply provide coupon codes for specific customers, according to their age, gender, location or earlier purchases. Customers can be made aware of their personalised offers through email notifications and WooCommerce provide the advantage of setting email alerts to be sent to specific customers. Cross-sell and upsellingProduct recommendations displayed on the cart on the basis of the products that customers add to a cart great to increase sales by manifold. While cross-sells are the suggestions of complementary products, upsells are the same kind of products that are added to the cart, but of better quality or features. WooCommerce comes with simple settings to add cross-sell or upsell suggestions which many times lure the customers to add more products to their baskets. Use of incredible pluginsThere are innumerable plugins in WooCommerce applying which can spark up sales greatly. Live Sales Notification,  Direct checkout, Multiple Free Gift are to name a few. Live Sales Notifications automatically sync with the order list of the stores and generate notifications, when new things arrive. Customers visits are sure to rise by manifold during holidays, most being the new or first-time visitors. Direct Checkout helps in simplifying the checkout process by directing the customers to checkout stage at one click. Multiple Free Gift plugin is another way to delight the buyers with free gifts and drive back happy customers to the site. Follow these surefire ways to make your holidays season special for your store with skyrocketed sales by seeking help from our eminent WooCommerce experts at PHPProgrammers. 


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