The scene where Carnegie finds Eli outside thevillage and ask for the holy Bible that Eli have, it showed me how firm andstrong personality he was to protect the sacred book just in order to save itfrom immoral people. It can be inferred that his actions are always with goodfaith in God and he proves to us that no matter how hard the situation is, evenif it is a matter of life and death, he is ready to fight for his life for ourGod. That is why, it made me into conclusion that God sent him in the world fora purpose, a role that would change the life of many and that would reuniteagain the world in to a better place. As gun shot was fired to Eli’s body, heremains to stay strong despite the pain that he felt from the shot and withGod’s guidance, He protected Eli’s life from death. After this scene, I reallythought that he would be in a lot of trouble because of Carnegie’s men fightingand firing gun shot against himself. In addition, I was even more amazed onevery fighting scene of Eli against the bad guys because it made me morebelieved in his capacities because of how he showed faith in God. It made meeven think more that we should never under estimate the power of God’s will.

Solara also believed in Eli’s capacities, that is why she came and followed himthroughout his journey. Carnegie knew that if he gets the holy Bible from Eli,it will make him even more powerful because many people would believe in himbecause of the power of the book. As Carnegie’s men seeks for the book of Eli,the movie allows us to see how the beauty of the world vanished because of ourunwanted behavior to the natural resources we have. The world cried out andresulted into a wasteland because we simply exhausted its limited resource, howwe humans improperly used it over time. That is why economics is here toeducate us not only to answer why things happen and resulted like that but italso teaches us to know the significance of every resources and how it couldgreatly affect us.

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When the men and Carnegie found out where Eli and Solarawas, they fired many gun shots over them in the house were they went for waterand supplies. When they surrendered over them, Carnegie with his immoral actsfired a gun to Eli after they took the holy Bible from him. After they shothim, Eli’s eyes speak thousands of words, begging for mercy and crying out forhelp. Solara could not do anything to help him but to cry for justice. When Carnegie got the holy Bible from him, hesmells power and strength over his plans but after he opened up the Bible itseems to have no words or writings on it but full of braille dots wherein onlyblind people can read it.

Eli and Solara got into a safe place and found goodpeople to trust on and met a man who can publish books, then it is where it allstarted. Eli elaborately tells every word of God that was written in the bibleand the man patiently writes all what Eli says. After that a new King JamesBible was published to the world. A Bible that can unite the humanity from theruined world. After watching the movie, I realized that every person in thisworld has a purpose to fulfil and has every reason that is happening in ourlives.

It is with us on how we can build greater faith and strong relationshipwith God. I have learned a lot from this movie not only knowing the importanceof economics which it can be applied in the context of the movie but also tohave a greater faith and believe in God. I have learned to see more clearly theeffects of economics in the society especially with regard to scarcity thatcould affect our life on earth. As a graduating student from the pontifical,royal and catholic university, I should have built a strong faith to our Godbecause of the values that the university upholds to each and every student. 


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