The french revolution was one of the most important historical moments in europe which started in 1789. They had economic problems and food shortage. There was also problems between monarchy and people because of the “reform” led to bankruptcy. King Louis XVI was a absolute ruler.  Which means he had all the power in france. Everyone was against king louis XVI.

France had big debts. It forcéd the king to make people pay bigger taxes. The nobles did not pay their part of taxes which was not fare for the others. The community had to eat bread and try to preserve it with salt. The price for bread grew bigger until citizens could barely pay for it. Those were  few causes that started the revolution.

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There was not a specific action that caused the revolution.

     Call of the estates general started out the war (May 5, 1789). There were three estates. The first group were the clergy. Second group were called the nobles. The first and second group did not have to pay taxes. The last group which had to pay for all the taxes were the boergeoisie. That was an other conflict that caused the war.   https://www. Storming of the bastille (July 14, 1789). The bastille was a huge fortress were they kept prisoners. On July 14 the bastille was atacked.

It caused a small battle were the prison governor did not let them in. The people atacked and the prison governor ended up dead. To this day it is a national day.

html    March on Versailles ( October 5, 1789 ). Women from paris decided to march on versailles because the price of bread had been raised. Bread was running out so they had to make the price of bread higher.

Other people did not like the king’s wife Marie Antoinette. They were threatening her to death because of the des grace toward her and there not being enough food for the civilians. People needed jobs and they had no jobs.           Civil constitution of the clergy ( July 12, 1790 ). Was an act that the king took to try to solve all the debts they had by selling the church land to the state. That was one of France’s biggest properties that the state controlled now.

The priest had to work for the state. A desperate move by King Louis. It did help solve the debts they had but the people did not like the new government. http://www.historywiz.



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