The IAEC approval will be obtained to conduct thestudy. It is an animal study using Swiss albino male mice. The mice fromCentral Animal House, PIMS will be used for this study.

The aqueous extract of Curcumin longa  will be procured from a competent herbal drugmanufacturer with complete phyto chemical constituents furnished by themanufacturer. Swiss albino male mice weighing 25 to 30 gm and of 60 to 90 daysold will be used in this study. This will be maintained in plastic cages under controlled lightingconditions(12h light/12h dark regime),relatively humidity(50±5%) and temperature(37±2ºC),fed with pellets and will be given adlibitum access to water. Actophotometer and other instruments used inMorpurgo method can be used in the Dept of Pharmacology for this study.

A groupof 6 mice in each group will be taken. Haloperidol will be administered at the dosage of 1mg/kg of body weight/day/animal4 intraperitoneally for 15 days.All behavioral and rigidity assessments will be done weekly after 24 hours ofthe last dose. The 1st group of 6 mice will be treated with vehicle and rest of the groupswill be treated with haloperidol and vehicle.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th groups of mice will bepretreated with the aqueous extract of Curcuminlonga  50mg, 100mg and 200mg/kg ofbody weight respectively as per the protocol listed below:    GROUP 1:           Control group with minimum of 6 micewill be treated only with vehicle (sterile water)                             15 days          GROUP 2:            Control group with minimum of 6micetreated with haloperidol and vehicle for             15 days. GROUP 3:   Experimental group with aminimum of 6 mice pretreated with the aqueous extract     of Curcuminlonga 50mg/kg of body weight /day/animal intraperitoneally for 15days. Haloperidol and vehicle will beadministered 50 mins after Curcumin longaadministration for 15 days. GROUP 4: Experimental group with a minimum of 6 mice pretreated with aqueousextract of Curcumin longa 100 mg/kgof body weight/day/animal intraperitoneally for 15 days, haloperidol and vehicle will be administered 50mins after Curcumin longa administration for 15days. GROUP 5: Experimental group with a minimum of 6 micepretreated with aqueous extract of Curcuminlonga 200mg/kg of body weight/day/animal intraperitoneally for 15 days, haloperidol and vehicle will be administered50 mins after Curcumin longaadministration for 15 days.

   The locomotor activity andcatatonia scoring of control and experimental animals must be measured by usingactophotometer and Morpurgo methods respectively on 8th and 15th day before drug administration.The data observed will be tabulated for statistical analysis.        Methods of statistical analysis & test applied: All the results will be expressed as mean ± SEM.Data will be analyzed by one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed byTukey’s multiple comparison test using SPSS 11 software.

p<0.05 will beconsidered as statistically significant. 


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