The following is our advice for you to use some SNS marketing methods to boost your boutique store’s online sales. 1. Post your content at a proper time & frequencyAudiences are different, they have different habits on reading SNS feeds. For example, some people like reading Facebook & Twitter feeds on a subway in the morning, some may like reading those at home in the evening, some people used to check their Pinterest & Instagram twice a day, some may 5-7 times a day. Your audiences are so different so that you should test what time is the proper time when your posts can be received and read by the most people. Also, you should publish your posts at a regular frequency, in this way, your audiences can predict when to read your feeds.

2. Choose hot and relevant topicsWhat kind of topics should you posts contain? We think you should keep an close eye on the news and events. When big news come out, everyone talks about that, and they would love to read the relevant feeds on their SNS pages. Then you can take advantage of that, you post your comments on the news and add your products’ links.

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So, if you want to make your posts more attractive to your audience and increase your online sales, you need to pay close attention to the related news and really make use of them.   3. Choose pictures wisely when update your postsNowadays people are more attracted by pictures than by words. Pictures always speak louder.

So the best way to increase your audience’s engagement on Facebook is to add proper pictures in your posts. Statistics have shown that images on Facebook have been shown to generate much more contents than the average post. If you order your goods from and you what to promote them on your Facebook page, we recommend you to attach proper pictures to the post.4. Add Social Buttons to your online storeThere are many SNS apps and sites, which you can use to increase you online store’s exposure. If you get you online store, you can add the mainstream SNS platforms’ sharing buttons to it, which make it easier to share your item’s to the SNS sites. You can place these SNS buttons in several places on your site.

Such as the header, the footer, the categories’ & products’ pages, etc. 5. Some advice on Pinterest Firstly, the Pins you post should be colorful and eye-catching. Statistics have shown that the red-orange-colored images are forwarded twice as many as the blue-toned images. At the same time, long bar-shaped pins are forwarded more possibly, and now the ideal pins’ width is 735px, the length is unlimited. A good way is that you can post a long view image of the message graph with your feed, which will make your pins be forwarded more times. You can show your best boards at the top of your personal page, and place the poorly-performing boards at the end of your pages.

If their pageviews increase, you can move them forward.  Secondly,you can try to change the classification of your boards, let that cover your products.Tirdly, in addition to posting some fresh and updated pins, you also have to post some normal pins which have long term value to be forwarded.Fourthly, you should notice that the titles of the images you upload will automatically be converted to those of your Pins, so you should pay attention to this problem by optimizing your Pins’ titles.

Imagine that, which Pin would be more popular,the one titled “img4444”, or the one titled “Great Fashion Party Dresses from Kiskissing “?


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