The researchers suggest that future researchers explore a
larger sample size and increase the number of organizations used in the study
to cover different industries. Data collection and analysis should be computed
on each company to get a more ruminative result that represent a specific
company instead of general results representing different companies. By doing
so, connection can be done of individual corporate habits as well as comparison
with other organizations. Additionally, this should be inclusion of additional demographic factors not explored in this research such as race, marital status,type of eLearning,
and others. Overall 91% of surveyed employees using eLearning at work, researchers
believe that different learning styles will impact the effective use of
eLearning and successful implementation of eLearning systems and programs
in near future however the researchers should include the learning styles which
impact the success of eLearning usage and its impact on employee
productivity and overall job satisfaction. Furthermore, the outcome of the
study will be different if the survey was conducted in other organizations in
different industries such primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. For
future research, more organizations from different industries should be used for
study. The researchers believe that the more technology-based industry is more liked
by employees and are benefiting from eLearning.


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