The UK Tea & Infusions Association
(UKTIA) is an independent non-profit making body dedicated to promoting tea and
herbal infusions and their unique story for the benefit of those who
produce, sell and enjoy tea and herbal infusion products (UK Tea and Infusions Associatio, 2017).


Tea holds an important place on the table of
the Azerbaijan population as a strategic food (Bayramova, 2013). Observations prove that
the Azerbaijani population ranks highest among tea-growing countries for its
consumption of the product; approximately 2-2.5 kg of tea is consumed per
capita, this is a large amount of dry tea consumed for a country with a
population of 9 million people (Quliyev, 2010).

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With the
above in mind, UKTIA will be launching a café in Baku, Azerbaijan;
offering a very British way of afternoon tea.


UKTIA will cater to people who want to get
their daily cup of great-tasting tea in a relaxing atmosphere. Such customers
vary in age, although the location is close to town centre in Baku, this means
that most of the clientele will be tourists, locals college students and
workers. Furthermore, students and tourists consider tea shops to be a
convenient studying or meeting and relaxing; for us, this will provide a unique
possibility for building a loyal client base. The market research shows that
these are discerning customers that gravitate towards better tasting tea (EADaily, 2017; Israfilbayova, 2017).


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