The title of my book is The Great Gatsby by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The genre of my book chosen is classical fiction. The main characters are Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, and Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby is the protagonist of the novel, and a wealthy man.

He was born in North Dakota to a surprisingly poor farming family. It is later discovered that his real name is James Gatz, he is in love with Daisy Buchanan, a girl whom he met while serving in the army in World War 1. Daisy later then married another man, Jay became devoted to winning Daisy back through wealth as he hosts many parties.

Another main character, Nick Carraway, the narrator, appears to be the opposite of Gatsby. Nick lives next to Gatsby and is the cousin of Daisy. Nick plays a large role in between the relationship of his cousin and Gatsby due to his temperament skills and his ability to listen. Daisy Buchanan was the reoccurring love within Jay Gatsby’s life. Daisy had promised to wait for Jay to return from war, but then compared Gatsby’s poverty to Tom Buchanan’s wealth, she married Tom. In Gatsby’s eyes, Daisy is the spitting image of perfection The setting takes place in Poland.

The time takes place during the early 1920s in Long Island and New York City.The main conflict within the story is that Jay Gatsby is chasing something he simply cannot have, Daisy Buchanan. After returning home from the war and discovering Daisy had married another after promising to wait for him, Gatsby had became determined to win her again.

Gatsby is in a constant battle with Daisy’s husband, Tom Buchanan, over Daisy. Gatsby devotes himself to becoming wealthy to win Daisy over again. Gatsby even goes to the extent of throwing elaborate parties at his house in hopes of Daisy, or someone who may know her, to show up.The climax of the novel is when Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby have an angry confrontation. Daisy had invited Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby to her house in attempt to make her husband, Tom jealous, she even goes as far as telling Gatsby she loves him even when Tom can hear her. Prior to Daisy and Gatsby having an affair, her husband was also having one with Myrtle Wilson.

Tom admits to Daisy of Gatsby’s impoverished upcomings, making Daisy dislike Gatsby. Gatsby begs for Daisy to admit her love for him to Tom but she will not. When Gatsby and Daisy are on the way home following Tom’s orders, when passing Wilson’s garage, Daisy swerves to avoid a collision with another car, she hits Myrtle, instantly killing her. Gatsby is advised to leave town to avoid complications by Nick but he refuses and claims he must stay to make sure Daisy is okay. Myrtle Wilson’s husband, desperate to find her killer, is told by Tom Buchanan that Gatsby was the driver of the car that killed his wife. George Wilson is convinced that his wife’s killer was also her lover, shoots Gatsby prior to his suicide. My personal connection to the book The Great Gatsby is that I often find myself in materialistic situations just as Jay Gatsby does. Sometimes I feel as though I have to have the most expensive clothes or items in order to fit in just as Gatsby does.

Though I feel this way, it is not always the case, no matter what clothes I wear or what items I possess, I will still fit in to someone.


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