THE DOG (OLD AGE) One morning I woke with thebeautiful bright sunshine, which gave me a feeling of a happy day, birdstwitting, sounding as if they were in a battle of a territory, and made me feelso curious about what was actually happening outside. About two minutes later,the birds went from low to high with their magnificent sounds calls, which justbecomes miserable. The louder they were, the more curious I became. I had no choice, but to get off mybed and stick my head out of the window, just like a giraffe trying to reachthe green leaves from a tree, for survival. I closed my eyes as I went closerto the window because of the bright sunshine, and I finally reached the window.

I opened my eyes as I opened the window too, all I saw was plenty of different birds,in different sizes, flying away from something strange, some were still on theground looking like they were eating, which made me wonder. For a while, I was at the window,studying the all the birds and why they were there. About five minutes later, Itook a scrap paper from my school bag, squeezed it into a ball like an angry,grumpy teacher, and I threw it to the birds. They all flew away, likehelicopters heading to a war with soldiers, I was shocked. I saw a dog, notjust a dog, but a dying dog, which was quite sad to look at. I quickly went off my bed to go takea look at the dog outside, at the moment I had no fear, I was brave, just likea honey badger, and I was about two meters away from the dog, flies werealready teeming all over the place. As I came closer, a smell of rotten meatwas what I thought of from the dog, which almost made me vomit. The dog was badly wounded on itshind leg, worms were all over the leg, which was the reason the dog wassurrounded by the birds.

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Falling fur, a bony tail, I saw as I took a closerlook at the dog from the back to front. Brown eyes, with grey on them. Whitefur on the ground from the dog, unhealthy skin of the dog hanging. Bones werewhat I was looking at, because there was no hope of the dog getting fat again.A crying stomach, proving that the dog was hungry. I then looked on its face asit looked at me too, I burst into tears, even though the dog wasn’t mine, andmeant nothing to me.Sadness, hopeless, ashamed, was howI felt when looked at the the dog, which wasn’t just a dog, but an old dog.

Itook a few pictures, as my hands were shaking like an old aged man’s handstrying to pick up something. I was hungry and wanted to get foodfor the dog, so I left slowly so the dog mustn’t try run away from fear. As Iwas fives metres away, I started racing to the kitchen to quickly eat and getfood for the dog, all happened while I was in my pyjamas. I took a fewbiscuits, and everytime I took a bite, there was no taste and I had noappetite, eating was not what I had planned at this moment. I took what I hadto and raced to the dog with the food for it and as I arrived, the old dog wasgone, with its food in my hands, I started crying again, as if somebody haddied. I dropped the food and left. “I will never forget this” I said tomyself with a crying voice.

  Holy Manyike Word count: 626 


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