The extbf{“Automatic Insulin/Glucagon Pump” } is basically for people suffering from diabetes.

Since the required amount of glucose can not be secreted by pancreas, such people are required to inject insulin or glucagon externally. In order to maintain blood glucose at normal level, this automatic pump delivers required amount of insulin/glucagon by continously monitoring glucose concentration in blood for diabetic patients. This pump takes patient’s current blood glucose level and carbohydrate inakes into account at the time of dosage calculation. The pump can be configured to operate in automatic or manual mode.

While operating in automatic mode, pump automatically levels the blood glucose concentration by injecting insulin/glucagon, it also decides automatically when to stop injecting by predicting when the blood glucose will reach normal level. Taking safety into consideration, incase any error or malfunction is detected, pump turns to operate in emergency mode and allows the safe dosage injection to take place. This system is designed to simplify the diabetes management through a smart pump which provides continuous glucose monitoring by reducing the user intervention. To maintain the glucose level between the overnights and meals or before or after the meals, a required amount of insulin is injected in the target range by the pump.

The Automatic Insulin/Glucagon pump is developed in a way that it releases the insulin/glucagon as done by the non-diabetic human pancreas and thereby, fulfills basic functions of pancreas. High blood glucose or low blood glucose level affects the diabetic patients, causing diseases like hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. extbf{Hyperglycemia} causes toxic acids to build up in blood and urine which results into kidney failure, neuropathy and other severe illnesses if left untreated over a longer period. But, extbf{hypoglycemia} can cause serious damage like coma or death when left unattended.

It is therefore important to monitor and maintain blood glucose at normal level thereby, avoiding the serious complications of these diseases. This pump protects patients from falling into such severe complications.


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