“The globalization system, unlike the Cold War system, is not static, but a dynamic ongoing process: globalization involves the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before” (Friedman). As globalization occurs with the changes in ideas that many people make, it presents issues, such as climate change, that need to be addressed. Most of these issues, however, cannot be met by one country alone because the issues affect everyone. These issues come about through changes in the technology we use, how much we trade and who we trade with and reveal some sort of setback or problem that needs to be solved.

If the United States wants the world to grow and prosper all together, its foreign policy needs to be one that builds a more cooperative world. The US foreign policy should include health and environmental policies that will help to improve the health issues that many countries face and help stop the effects of climate change. The world has considered issues regarding health and the environment an local problems but they should be global problems instead (Watson Institute). Health concerns that should be considered global issues include HIV/AIDS and malnutrition.

Concerns from the past, such as Ebola and the zika virus, should not be the only diseases that cause global concern. “The fight against HIV/AIDS requires resources and infrastructure to educate people about causes and prevention…” (Watson Institute), therefore, the US needs to make the effort to educate others because there are many people throughout the world living with HIV/AIDS. By the end of 2016, there were about 36.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS and currently only about 60% of people who live it know that they have it. The other 40% are unaware or are waiting for tests (“Global HIV/AIDS Overview”). Educating people about these diseases is as simple as having someone who is educated on this telling others, and it can be anyone who knows, not just people from the United States. Providing treatment could also help those living with it, but the cost to get the treatment for life is more than many people in poor countries can afford.

Educating the world and providing treatment can help other countries come together to continue educating generations to come about this disease, and can also help the wealthier countries make the treatment as well so there is more for the world to access.Protecting the environment is another global issue that the United States should be a part of. Climate change has caused extreme weather to occur such as hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria that devastated much of the east coast of the US and Puerto Rico. It has also caused excessive heat and cold, which has caused some of the largest fires to occur in California, due to the dryness and winds, that came through and devastated much of the land and threatened and burned many peoples’ homes.

The US should work on lessening the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and move to “green” energy (solar panels, electric vehicles so no gas emissions, etc.) that won’t damage the environment so as to help the developing countries that are most affected. No matter which way the United States goes with its foreign policy, it is either going to cost something now or in the near future, “It is initially expensive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it requires turning away from fossil fuels that are currently the cheapest and most widely used form of energy. But it is also expensive to cope with the effects of climate change” (Watson Institute). Essentially, fossil fuels are the easiest means of energy to attain and use, but it causes major climate changes.

Soon enough, however, countries who have accepted the Paris Climate Accord will be cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions and will move away from fossil fuel energy. Our top oil suppliers, Saudi Arabia and Canada, have signed the Paris Climate Accord so when they start changing from fossil fuels to green energy, we will lose some of that oil. Being in the Paris Climate Agreement is the best way to come together with the rest of the world to combat climate change. The economy is one of those issues in the United States and abroad that doesn’t go away. There will always be options to help the world which cost more than just working to help yourself, but sometimes it’s less too. The United States can build a more cooperative world if, in its foreign policy, it works to assist countries that are not as high up economically.

This will not only help boost international trading by getting more countries involved, but it will also strengthen the US economy in the long run, but economic globalization has not worked in this way for the world. “Some countries have benefited because they have the resources to expand production worldwide and to create goods that are in demand internationally. … On the other hand, some countries and individuals have been hurt because they are not able to compete with the strongest producers internationally” (Watson Institute). This is an unfair advantage that the more developed countries possess, so to make it more fair for underdeveloped countries, the United States needs to help those countries gain the resources they need to expand their production worldwide. This will also help increase the amount of trade that occurs which will boost the economy world wide. According to graphs from a 2014 survey done by the Pew Research Center, many developing countries agree that trade is good  (87%) and that foreign countries (like the United States, for example) building factories in their countries is a good thing (85%) and say that it has lead to more job creation than job loss and emerging countries feel the same way (Watson Institute). If all countries were to trade with at least one other country, economies would be improved, but this will take the work of everyone coming together even if there are some differences in other aspects of their countries (such as beliefs).


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