The most essentialand meaningful thing in my life is music.

Lacking melodies and harmonies lifewould be empty. Listening to and playing different songs eases my mind and itcan also help motivate me in hard times. We listen to many different songs andhave favorites that we listen to many times even if we already memorized thelyrics. Scott, Jill.” Golden.” Beautifully Human: Words andSounds Vol.

2. Hidden Beach.2004            Mythoughts on this song is, that she knew everyone’s life had experienced somebumps and bruises, but you must live through it and advance. Remember no onecan steal your joy or happiness they only have the power if you acknowledge itto them. This song means something to me because I can carry out or accomplishanything if I put my mind to it. It also brightens up my spirit, because Irather experience my life-like it’s golden and achieve things that I enjoy.India, Arie.

“Video.” AcousticSoul. Motown.2001            Themessage of this song is on accepting who you are and loving yourself.

Althoughall the pictures that social media portray of the “ideal women’; womenshould stop aiming to find themselves through Instagram models, and start tobring out and highlight their most admirable qualities. To gain self-respect,dignity, and honor for self-healing; you must be honest with yourself.  Nas. ” I Can.” GodsSon.Columbia.

2003            Themessage of this song is children need to value themselves, and they can accomplishanything if they work vigorously. Consequently, the target audience for thesong accompanies children. Nas focused more specifically on African Americanchildren. He used this song to address a few stereotypes that the rap andhip-hop industries impose on children ,and utilized this song as a balance oftrying to empower and educate African American children by breaking stereotypesthat they get from children listening to rap and hip-hop music. I can relate tothis song because the youth should have knowledge of about our history and theycan be anything and no-one can tell you what you can be. Additionally, weshould advise young African Americans not to send their life away.

We need tobe aware of how to anticipate and plan for our future. “Unity.” Black Reign. Motown Records.1993            Themessage from this song was saying that black men should have more respect forus black women, and stop using us as a sex symbol. Queen Latifah felt that menwere getting away with speaking to women in an insulting manner back then andmany people weren’t surprised when they heard lyrics that were as misogynist. Ican relate because I feel that men should stop calling females out their names,have a little more respect, and start treating us like queens and we don’t haveto be half naked.   Boosie.

“I Testify.” BooPac.Atlantic Records.2017This song is about the everydayliving as an African American today.

The artist rap about what’s wrong in someblack homes. He stated why black males start selling drugs because they don’toffer jobs. He also expresses how children don’t play in the backyards theyrather watch other kids play with toys on YouTube. He basically is saying hewants black people to support one another. We must learn again to be involved,whether we have a special interest in those issues affect others if notourselves.

Our championship of each other must be genuine and so that otherswho don’t look like us; understand we care about each other.Yfn Lucci. “Letter From Lucci.” Wish Me Well 2. Think it’s a Game Entertainment.2016            Thissong is about understanding your worth and move out of people way who trying toruin it. This song relates to me because since I’ve been attending college, Itried to avoid negative conflicts that will try to alter my life. Get rid ofthe toxic people who are not motivating you to carry out your goals.

If you getrid of them then, everything will start to move easily. Tupac. “Changes.” Greatest Hits. Interscope.1998 Tupac shows how difficult life is to be adisadvantaged black man in America, with a kindness on issues with policebrutality.

As the song advances, Tupac makes understandable as peopleoccasionally wish it could be better, and that people must get used to thesenew circumstances. Throughout the time of a break in the song, Tupac takes aminute to stop and accompany the authentic purpose of the song.  It’s time for us as a people to start making’some changes. Let’s alter the way we eat, let’s transform the way we react andlet’s alter the way we act towards each other. You see the accepted way wasn’tworking so it’s on us to accomplish what we gathered to survive. Hedemonstrates legitimate reasons for the unsafe and dishonest acts that suggestthat unfortunate people must resort to survive.

I enjoy this song because itportrays a persuasive message to everyone, but if you people reallycomprehended the meaning of the song, you would realize the cause of all theworld’s problems is from people hating each other for simple-minded reasons.            Mary J. Blige. “Just Fine.” Growing Pains.Geffen.2007            This isa song about being positive regarding life and how good it feels to feelawesome. This song is based on having a good day.

I can relate to this songbecause I can have as many bad days as anyone but I choose to say, I’m justfine. You know those days when your hair and nails  looks great, have an outstanding grade pointaverage, your boyfriend not acting like an idiot than you’re just fine. Soinstead of coming with something ungrateful to the world, how about I come withsomething that makes everything fine. 


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