The Ancient Egyptian building designed incooperation with light is The Great Temple at Abu Simbel. It was built in the13th century around (1265 BC) and is in the archaeological site AbuSimbel which is a village in Nubia, Egypt however was relocated from the westbank of the River Nile on the border of Sudan in 1986. The two temples werebuilt was to commemorate Ramesses II’s victory over the Nubian people, and toscare off any potential invaders. They were also dedicated to the gods Amun,Ra-Horaghty and Ptah, as well as Ramesses and his wife who were also seen asgods. The position of the temple was designed to allow the sun to light up thesculptures of the temple on the wall, except for the statue of Ptah who was thegod of the underworld. However, this phenomenon only occurs on the 21stof October and the 21st of February.The Ancient Maya building designed in cooperationwith light is the Temple of Kukulcan also known as El Castillo.

It was builtaround 800 CE and is in the centre of the archaeological site Chichen Itzawhich is in Tinum, Yucatan, Mexico. It was built to serve as a to the godKukulcan who was the Mayan snake deity, with kukulcan translating to “featheredsnake”. The axis of the temple was designed so that a specific wavy shadow iscreated on the staircase wall from the stepping structure of the pyramid. Thisshadow, combined with the serpent’s head at the bottom of the stairs looks likea snake which moves as the sun moves.The other building designed to work with light isthe Pyramid of the Sun in San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico. The pyramid alignmentis such that it is pointed slightly northwest of the horizon point when the sunsets on 2 days a year. These 2 days are the 12th of August and 29thof April which has significance because the Maya long-count calendar begins onthis date.

Moreover, its location is important as from the top of the pyramid,many astronomical events can be observed which was important for the Mayan’s.


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