The mission statement is statement sets bythe company through its leader, ownership or top management. The statementstipulates values, behaviors, goals, standard and objectives as theorganization will interaction with the environment. The purpose of thestatement shall be clearly defines the aims and values of the company withrespect to the shareholders, employees, supplies and customers,environment andfurthermore the cultural aspects and volunteering works which enhance thestance of the company in its community, the company shall be very committed tothe community in creating the social coherence. The setting of the statementshall define the mission’s dimensions and the key circles of its goals and aimsthat show the ways to increase the profits of the shareholders and to satisfythe stakeholders, in addition to pursue the all-encompassing purpose thatcombined the profits of stakeholders with a ultimate support like sellingproducts which don’t hurt the environment.

The idea rapidly grow and known ascorporate social responsibility CSR. The ethics and values of the mission shallbe revealed in the statement along with strategy that illustrate the overallvision of the company’s standards. In organization that set a higher sense ofvalues and ethics, the shareholders and employees who work in are originated tobe positively attitude toward the company, costumers and their personal valueswhich create a very good environment in the work place that reflects on thecorporate values of the organization, final products and results. It is a senseof being one family which is the key of the mission starting from the top levelto the down level, this idea made the managers be noticed by the employees andknow how they act to demonstrate the real and key values and made the mangersbe in touch with all different levels of employees and support them through offeringtraining and providing special privilege such as paying the medical insurance,allow them to have sick leave in addition to their annual leave that stated inthe contract or paying insensitive when goals achieved.

The mission statement isachieved through a good communication between both the top level and down levelof the organization that allows mangers to be mindful of what happening intheir work circles and to know the problems and difficulties of their employeesand how they feel about their jobs and is it cover their values, this strategywill make the work more productive and active. The statement shall create thebalance among all parties ( the shareholders, employees, suppliers andcustomers), the standards, behaviors and goals of the top level will reflect onthe down level and build the employees’ values which come up with a high finalproduct to serve the market and customers. There is no specific formula towrite the mission statement, each statement reflects the culture and value ofthe mission-oriented attitude, however, the mission statement shall be obviousand clear to the employees to remind them with the essential goals and ethicsand be clear to the customers in order to know the scope of organization’soperations and advantages to make the right choice when dealing with thecompany. A clear mission’s goals removes uncertainties that can surround theexistence of the organization and the doubts in workers’ mind. The statementshould be realistic and not be a waste of time through digging in theresources, the realistic statement based on the a very good forecasting andplanning in order to set a special values, ethics and aims to be known in themarket and community. The companystrategy is a route of determine the short-term and long-term aims, objectivesand goals set by the top management to formulate the methods and policies ofimplementing the targeted objectives. the company strategy shall design aspecific responsibility for each management level in the organization.

themethods shall be approachable and realistic to achieve  the desired goals. The strategy shall addressand tackle the main topics of the organization through knowing theorganization’s goal and future, what resources will be used and how to focuseson developing and growth the organization. The process of strategy is startingwith forecasting, planning and looking ahead for the future and the betterunderstanding for the organization’s goal the more accurate will be the methodto achieve the objectives. The planning is limited and based on the targetedgoals, environment, the manpower quality and recourses to adopt the routs ofimplementing the plans. The planning shall be included in all levels of themanagement from the top management to the down management to achieve theoverall master plan, the top management involves with the strategic plan thatsets the long-term objectives and this plan is linked to the tactical plan thatdirected by the senior executives and departments’ managers, specialized withlong-term plan but shorter than the strategic plan, the tactical plan iscommand and direct the workers and put the right resources, the right machineryin the right time.the last level of planning is operational planning whichdirected by supervisors and it reflects the short-term plan and day-to-dayworks to evaluate and command the workers and the pace and progress of theorganization . The planning helps the organization to restructure its methodsfor growth and be function. Organizing is another key component of the strategywhich assists to turn the theory ‘the plan’ into practice that includingprepare the sphere of workplace, resources, materials and to recruit thequalified employees to be in an accurate place to perform according to theplan.

the organizing makes the work environment more clear to know the abilitiesof the employees and to be able to read the upcoming steps of the organization.To keep the organization active and produce a real good ethics, attitude andgoals to serve the best for the customers, the top management is required tocommand and direct the resources and workers through knowing the workers welland stipulate the instructions in a professional way to maintain the plan anddirect the work sufficiently and also get the best of the workers through outthe connection, coordination and use the horizontal communication with othersin the organization and separate the spirit of one big family and adopt the”open door policy” to ensure all rights of employees are to be keptand to appreciate the efforts for being active, productive and working for theinterest of the organization. After planning, forecasting, organizing,commanding and coordinating, the organization needs for a control system tosupervise and monitor the implementation of the plan and the work progress andto evaluate the performance of the workers. The controlling system helps toknow what the organization achieved and to have corrective and remedial actionsto go again with the plan and to develop the targeted objectives based on thecurrent situation and data.the control system is concerned with chainactivities for the whole organization.

There are many factors that effectpositively on the modern strategies such as the use of the advanced technology,emphasis on providing a high quality of the product, quick delivering, leadingto improve an alternative materials to protect the natural resources andimproving the communications that allow to provide more information to the customersand gain the feedback to the benefit of the organization. The company strategyshall focus on the unity of the organization system and maintain the profits ofstakeholders and satisfy the costumers. The other key factor of the strategicmanagement is policies which are the statement of conduct and the motive behindthe actions of managers and supervisors who tend to focus on code of ethics inwork that affects on the workplace, management actions and socialresponsibilities.The mission statement and company strategyare linked together to achieve the desired goals through a systematic plansthat include the strategic thinking and strategic plan to implement themission’s aims. The strategy is set based on the desired ethics, values andobjectives which stated in the mission statement as the strategy is the routeto achieve the objectives. the aims and goals of the organization are theessential outline of the strategy.

The whole process shall be connected betweenstatement and strategy through assessment the stance of the organization inaccordance with the plan and monitoring the performance of the organization andthe final outcomes to evaluate the progress towards the goals. Through linkingthese components, the organization will cover both the short and long termobjectives to move forward to achieve the mission statement. And through thestudy of the external factors, market and workers the strategic plan assess thestrengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analyses) to conduct thecorrective actions to develop the workers through training, use the technologyand modify some planned actions that cope with the current situation. The SWOTanalyze helps the organization to reveals all positives and strengths points toovercome the weakness through out the creativity of the top management and downlevel and create opportunities to offer a better quality for the customers andtime saving which makes the organization with better effective position andliable in the market.

most of the obstacles occur within threat analyses areoutside the organization such as economic or political situation, raw materialsand government legislation which includes the laws of importing and exportingmaterials and laws of local labors. The internal threats are complacency of themanagement and indquated financial management which caused not to meet thecustomers requirements and that leads to not use the modern technology in thework and poor quality control and lack of researches which direct theorganization far from its values and goals.the top management should know that thereare always challenges especially with achieving the objectives because it takestime to work based on the mission statement and apply the sense of mission toachieve the desired goals, and in addition to that all top managements shall beagreed on the company strategy to be implemented according to the plan and thetop management shall act based on the statement to fulfilling thebehaviors.

  The strategy and values mustdeveloped together to achieve the progress. The strategy needs to translate themission statement on a daily bases to keep the workers motivated and remindthem of the high level aims to make the customer satisfied.Sometimes the company strategy might notproperly work especially when the organization long ago established and whenthe workers not accept the new changes that might set by the management tohandle the situation, and the old tools and machinery in the workplace leads toless quality, old and closing mind of managers “traditionalmanagement” also leads the organization to be behind the new ambitions ofthe market and customers and also leads to face management problems at thedecision-making level which effects on the whole mission. The challengesrequires from the management  to behonest and address the issue with different levels of the organization and tocommunicate in a better way and solve the problems to reach the ultimate goals.Challenges are always required changes to tackle issues come up, thereforechanges is the main factor after evaluating and monitoring the strategy. Thestrategy shall conduct the risk assessment to avoid any uncertain problems inthe future.

 Theconclusion of the setting for both mission statement and company strategy is tocompleting each other to turn the written words into real actions throughproviding overall dimensions to the organization, identifying theorganization’s objectives and developing policies. It is the cooperativeoperations starting from planning, commanding and create a unique and valuablegoals from the top management  and tomobilized all efforts to achieve the goals and acting accordingly by the downlevel and get the feedback from the customers. The good mission statement andcompany strategy helps the company to achieve the sustainability in the rapidchanges of the modern trades and b


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