The main key points of the article outline the
argument in question??. The introduction of the article sets out to define the
key terms. Key terms such as labelling and intergenerational transmission are talked
about, which allows the authors to bring in a base argument of how this links
in to crime in children of convicted parents??. The introduction of the article
also sets out the authors intentions in what the results will allow them to be
capable of determining, such as government policies.?? One example of this is
the increase in the severity of sentence on offenders, which the authors
believe may be due to the policies that arise from the findings of labelling
studies. The introduction also sets out to explain the concept of official bias
and its link with intergenerational transmission. The authority provided to
support this argument, explains how official bias leads to a greater number of
children being convicted, if their parents are known criminals. Official
justice systems such as the police and courts, are biased against criminal
families. More attention is paid towards these families, making them more
likely to be caught and prosecuted, which in turn leads to the family members
appearing more frequently in official statistics, Farrington(2011) as cited by
Besemer, Farrington,Bijleveld(2013) The use of this evidence strongly backs up
the articles argument on the effects of labelling. The authors have talked
about labelling and the possibility of a conviction and with the evidence
provided, they will be able to determine this result, as the evidence provided
has further extended the link between labelling and intergenerational
transmission. In terms of the general structure of the article,  the points follow a chronological order. The
introduction sets out the main topics of the article and then the article goes
on further to elaborate on the points made , such as defining labelling. Once
this has been explained, the article then proceeds to provide the authors own
study to support or reject their hypothesis of the article. This research study
will investigate two of the authors hypothesis, the first,”whether an offspring
conviction increases individuals offending behaviour”(Sytske Besemer and David
P. Farrington and Catrien C. J. H. Bijleveld, 2017, p4). The second being the
“interaction between someone’s own conviction and a convicted parent” (Sytske
Besemer and David P. Farrington and Catrien C. J. H. Bijleveld, 2017, p4). This
study provides clear and concise steps into how the author investigated their
hypothesis. ???? Further into the article, the authors then write a discuccion.
This discussion sets out what the authors have investigated and provide their
results. From these results, the authors proceed to infer meanings behind these
results, with the aim of proving or disproving their hypothesis.???


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